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Apply directly where it hurts

So, with all those trip report posts, 2 weeks of my life have flown by and not been blogged about.  THE HORROR!  What have I been up to?  Well, I put away all the Halloween decorations, put out all the Thanksgiving decorations, then put away the Thanksgiving decorations.  All in 2 weeks time.  I really should have just skipped the Thanksgiving decorations.  We’re having Thanksgiving at CSP’s parents’ house this year so I wanted a blank slate for when we got home so I could dive right in to Christmas decorating.  So excited about that.  I did some damage at Hobby Lobby’s after Christmas sale last year and I can’t wait to put up all the new stuff.

Momo came into town so I hung out all day with her and Gigi on Saturday.  We went to see a movie so we stopped in to the Dollar Store for snacks before the movie.  It was so hot in there I thought we’d die.  We made it to the movie theatre and it was sweltering in there too!  Then I had an idea.  I have Activ-On in my purs for my arthritic knees.  It makes them feel cool and tingly.  So I thought, I’ll rub that on my forehead and it will cool me down!  I’m a genius!  So I rubbed it on my forehead and passed it to my mom. 09-02-2008nh_09activongam2fem8s1 Gigi went all out and rubbed that stuff all over her forehead, her arms, the works.  Two minutes later and we were ON FIRE.  Apparently if you apply that stuff in a hot movie theatre your skin will burst into flames.  It was like molten lava was eating its way into my brain!  So now we’re really miserable, writhing around like a couple of worms on a sidewalk.  Poor Momo in the middle wishing she had stayed at school so she wouldn’t have been stuck with 2 menthol smelling sweaty crazy women!