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All aboard!

Saturday night (Nov 1st) we stayed at the Hilton at Cocoa Beach.  The Hilton lets you leave your car there while you’re on the cruise.  Then you take a shuttle from the Hilton to the port.  If you park at the port you have to pay $15 a day.  So we saved some money!  While Mom & I were getting dressed Papa & CSP went to Publix to pick up breakfast for us. CSP looooves him some Publix. Publix people, if you’re reading, please open some stores in Charlotte so CSP can work for you.
The Hilton has a spaceman in the lobby so we got in a quick photo op while we waited for the shuttle. Gigi kissing the Spaceman while Papa looks dapper in his lei Note Papa is still sporting his lei from the Polynesian.  The shuttle picked us up and we all got so excited as we headed for the port!  Continue reading “All aboard!”