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Heading home

I know you must be thinking GOOD LORD ISN’T THIS TRIP OVER YET?? But no, dear readers, there is more! Behold- the story of Friday, November 7. I decided I’m going to use the word Behold more. It sounds way more important that look, or check it out. Behold- your dinner! Ok, back to my trip report.
So, Friday morning we woke up and I grabbed a bagel from the hotel’s free breakfast thing.  I’m pretty sure I was surrounded by cult members at breakfast- they had that look.  After breakfast we hugged and said our goodbyes to Papa & Gigi.  Then we all hit the road.  They headed North for home and we headed South to visit Nanny.  I called Nanny while CSP was pumping gas.  She told me she was sick with bronchitis, just spent 4 miserable days on her cruise, and not to come! Thank goodness I called before we made the 2 hour drive.  So I told Nanny I’d call her in a couple days when she had a voice again.  Then I called Papa & Gigi and updated them.  They were planning on stopping in St. Augustine for lunch so we did too. Ponce de Leon in St. Augustine On the way in to town from the highway Papa called and told me they found great parking spaces and they would save one for us.  We turned on to the street, saw my mom standing in the space waving and parked.  We crossed the street and had a lovely lunch at A1A Ale WorksPapa & Gigi at lunch in St. Augustine Lame name- GREAT restaurant.  Gorgeous views of the water and the Bridge of Lions.  As we were saying good bye again and giving hugs CSP noticed something on my windshield.  A PARKING TICKET!  In the space they saved for me!  I was so confused!  I’ve never gotten a parking ticket!  So Papa says “Well didn’t you pay the meter?”  What meter???  There were NO meters in front of the spaces.  Just one big one in the middle of the sidewalk like 4 cars behind mine.  Never even saw it.  And Papa didn’t tell me anything about it!  PUNK!

So CSP, my ticket and I got back in the car and hit the road for home.  Other than an 18 wheeler not seeing us and almost running us off the highway, and hitting a retread that flew off another truck, the ride home was uneventful.  The pugs were PSYCHED to see us.  They went NUTS.  So many kisses.  It was good to be home with our babies.  We missed them, but we had such a great cruise we’ve already started planning the next one!

5 thoughts on “Heading home”

  1. Behold! That’s a good word. I hope your Nanny is feeling better soon, and I’m sorry you got a parking ticket. We got one in New Orleans once and were quite peeved especially since we got it like 2 minutes after the silly meter ran out.


  2. BEHOLD! A comment from Nevis:

    Sorry about your parking ticket…I’ve never gotten a parking ticket, either…that sucks! I bet CSP was psyched about the cool looking beers at A1A Ale Works.

    So…where are you going on your next cruise? And we need pug pictures! It’s been forever and a day since we’ve seen them!


  3. That same parking ticket thing happened to us this past summer when we were in Tybee Island, GA. We didn’t pay the meter that was like 2 cars up that we didn’t see. Luckily my dad payed the ticket since it was the spot he told us to park in.


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