Chillin with the pre-school set

Joey at Olivia's birthday party Today was Olivia‘s 3rd birthday party. I took Jake & Joey and we carpooled with Candice, Ellie, Maggie & Charlie. Gigi met us there. Running boys at Olivia's birthday partyI’d show more pictures but as you can imagine, they are mostly of children, and I don’t want to put kids’ pics on the internet without parental consent. Birthday goodies
After the party I hopped in Gigi’s car with Jake & Joey and we went and had lunch at O’Charley’s. The boys were just being so good and they were having so much fun playing with the goodies from their goody bags. So Mom & I were able to enjoy a long lunch. O’Charley’s has a fantastic chicken/strawberry/pecan salad.

As we were wrapping up lunch Mom took Jake to the bathroom. Of course as soon as they came back Joey said he needed to go. So Gigi took Jake & the leftovers out to the car while I took Joey to the restroom. He bellied up to the toilet and I pulled down his pants. Then the smell of elephant dung whooshed up my nose. “Poop!” Joey exclaimed. Yeah, I know. Ok. Here’s the problem. I didn’t have a pull up with me. His bag was out in the car. And I couldn’t just leave him in the bathroom, while I ran out and got a pull up. So I wiped up his bum and panicked while trying to decide what to do. The poop was all smooshed down in there so I couldn’t pluck it out. I took a wad of tissue and created a barrier between him and the poop, just until we could get to a clean pull up. Made sense to me. We washed our hands and headed out to the car. On the way a waiter said to Joey “See ya later, Pardner!”

I looked down at Joey and that poor kid was walking like he just got off the biggest horse. It was hilarious. You try hauling around that kind of load and walk straight! We got out to the car and my Mom put him in the car seat. I was laughing so hard while I told her what had just happened. She could barely get the car seat straps snapped over his wad. She said she thought he was walking funny, but thought he was just being cute. She had no idea his aunt had shoved a roll of Charmin down the poor kid’s pants!

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