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Bachelor Week 8 Hometowns

BBs it is Hometowns week!!! I love this episode because we get to see where these people come from and their families AND we get to watch the Bachelor squirm a bit!

Gabi- Vermont

Gabi’s hometown is up first and it’s all v LL Bean with flannel shirts and crunchy leaves and tapping a tree for maple syrup. OF COURSE the sexual innuendos are flying whilst Zach and Gabi are boring a hole into a tree, trying to get syrup. “Is it sticky?” “It’s kind of warm.” Lord help us all! Later they meet up with Gabi’s family, including her look alike older sister Chloe. Everyone is super nice to Z and no one is hard on him or too skeptical about the whole deal. Gabi tells Z she’s falling in love with him, natch.

Ariel – NYC

Zach and Ariel take a food tour around the city, stopping for pizza, and a cow tongue sandwich. Then later A & Z meet up with A’s family at what looks like a restaurant. We find out that Ariel’s parents escaped religious persecution in the Soviet Union. But it is A’s brother Bobby who’s the toughest on Zach. “Why should Ariel pick you? When’s her birthday? What’s her middle name?” And of course Z doesn’t know the answers to these basic questions because he’s only spent a cumulative 45 minutes with Ariel and 39 of those minutes were spent making out!!! Z says he’s looking at the bigger picture and they’ll have years to learn all the “small details”. Hmmmm. Ariel also tells Zach that she’s falling in love with him.

Charity – Columbus, GA

BIG family gathering. Like 20 people big. Charity’s family is SUPER nice to Zach, even though they are all scared she’s going to be hurt again. Later Z & C go line dancing and Charity tells him she’s falling in love. Z, ever the silver tongued devil, responds with “Wild. I know, it’s crazy.” Which is totally Z code for “You’re going home”.

Kaity- Austin, TX

I bet you that Z & Kaity knew of each other before the show. I’ll also bet she’s been his favorite since day 1 and will be his pick. Z tells K he missed her when they reunite. They have a gasp!, normal, date. They go grocery shopping then back to her place to put together an IKEA bookcase. Later they go see her family. By this part of the show, K has mentioned numerous times that she’s been let down by men in the past. But even K tells Z she’s falling in love with him and his smile looks the most genuine.

Back in LA, Sean Lowe shows up to counsel our man Z again! Does Z not have any other friends??

Rose Ceremony

Ariel gets the first rose. Then Kaity, then Gabi. What did I tell you??? Charity is going home. She’s instantly in tears and Z walks her out, spitting out a bunch of platitudes like “I’ve been sick to my stomach all day over this”. Z says he can’t give her the love she deserves. Once in the car, Charity repeats this and says “I don’t even know what that freaking means”. I do! I bet it means she’s the next bachelorette!!!

Next up is the Women Tell All. Let’s hope it’s more exciting and far less formulaic than this entire season has been!!! Until then BBs. xo 🌹

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