Bachelor Week 7

Hello my BBs! It is week 7- the week before Hometowns! We are in gorgeous Budapest, Hungary this week.

Kaity 1-1

Kaity & Zach tour the city and eventually happen upon a random typewriter where they write each other little love notes. That night they have Fake Dinner at a bath house where K reveals to Z that she’s lost 2 father figures in her life. Her biological father left the family when she was really young and her stepdad left when she was in 8th grade. She’s in tears and is super emotional and Z is tripping over his words then finally just kisses her. She gets the rose.

Group Date

The ladies arrive at a theatre where there’s a magician/mentalist there with Zach. He does some trickery on all the girls and exposes their biggest insecurities. Ariel is too guarded! Charity was cheated on! Etc. By the end of it all the girls are in tears. Fun times! The tears continue at the after party. Except for Ariel who hilariously tells Z (and us) that her dad thinks the Bachelor is nothing but orgies! Bahahaha!!! Gabi gets the rose. Kat gets really upset that Gabi gets the rose.

The next day Greer is back! Back from her 6 day quarantine because of Covid. She’s all excited and giddy to see Z. She goes to his room and he does not beat around the bush at all. She’s barely sat down on the sofa before he tells her he doesn’t see a future with her. Greer is in TEARS y’all. Like messy, black rivulets of tears streaming down her wee face. They flew her to Hungary to get dumped on national television! Savage! And you know she’s got to sit in coach all the way back home now!

Brooklyn 1-1

Brooklyn and Zach ride bikes around the city. Then they go up in a balloon, and go to yet another giant bath house. Is there NOTHING else to do in Budapest other than bathe??? My skin’s all prunie just thinking about it!

That night over Fake Dinner Brooklyn shares that her grandpa raised her. He stepped in when her father stepped out. Z feels it getting heavy so he steps out for a moment to think. He comes back & says Brooklyn deserves love that he can’t give. She breaks down into tears and Z walks her out. At this point they are both crying while Brooklyn tells Z what a great guy he is and thank you (!!!) for everything. Really?? Why are these women so easy on him when he dumps them?? I’d pay for someone to smack him across the face or insult the man or at least get a bit salty! I apologize for inciting violence, I don’t really want anyone to slap him, but this is ridiculous!!!

Rose Ceremony

There’s no cocktail party because there’s only 1 girl to send home since everyone else was dumped throughout the week! Kat does not get a rose, therefore she is going home.

Next week is Hometowns & Women Tell All! Woot!!! Until then BBs! xo 🌹

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