Dontcha know

CSP’s parents came over for Father’s Day revelry. We, and by we I mean CSP, grilled veggies & brats. We watched the funniest show while eating dinner. I had seen it advertised and couldn’t wait to view it with them all.  CSP & his family are from Minnesota so they got an extra special kick from it.  It was great watching them all crack up.  Mall Cops: Mall of America.  OMG y’all, this show is a RIOT.  The voice over guy is just priceless.  And the sound effects!  Who knew so much drama plagued the seemingly innocent Mall of America?  I just love when a show is unintentionally hilarious. There was much suspense over a smoothie.  A SMOOTHIE!

Cabin fever

I’m working on getting better.  That has involved being housebound. Thankfully I have a new tv love.  True Blood.  I’ve been reading the books (finished with book #2) and am almost finished with Season 1 on DVD.  I was worried about how the actors would be able to pull off the Southern accent, but they do a great job!  Especially considering that most of the main cast are from other countries!  Canada, Australia,  the United Kingdom, and Sweden!  Amazing how they can get our accent right way better than the other way around.  Now, if only I can talk CSP into getting HBO.

It’s like I live in the future!

So ever since I was released from the hospital my life has just been all about recovering and building up my strength again. Climbing the stairs has not been easy. I’m still dealing with lots of nausea and I have very little appetite, which isn’t really a bad thing. I have my follow up doctor visit tomorrow and he’ll be taking some blood so we’ll see how my levels are.
In the meantime I’ve reactivated my Netflix account and it has helped keep me sane.   I LOVE being able to watch Netflix via the Wii!  It’s like we’re the Jetsons!  It’s so cool. I add something to my queue from the laptop  and it appears on my tv.  Amazing!  Now I’m all caught up on Weeds.  Every time I watch that show I think “I could totally sell weed”.  But who am I kidding? I don’t have street skills.  I’d set up a roadside stand for my weed and be in jail by 4:20.

Marketer’s Dream

That’s what CSP calls me.  Let an infomercial run on tv and I’m reaching for the phone.  I’ve never actually ordered anything off the tv but I’ve been verrrrry tempted on many occasions.  Not only do I fall in love with the products, but the infomercials themselves.  LOVE all the crazy people in the ads who can’t manage to boil pasta or crack an egg without seriously maiming themselves.  Sometimes I’ll get lucky and find these As Seen on TV displays in Target or CVS.  I found the ShamWow at Target and was so excited to pick that up.  My latest gadget obsession is a reacher grabber thingie.  I’m short (in comparison to CSP).  He’s 6 feet 5 and I’m 5 feet 7.  He forgets this and likes to put things up so high you could get a nosebleed getting them back down.  He seems to think that our short little step stool is all I need but it’s so not.  I’ve dreamt of a reacher grabber thingie for years.  CSP thinks I’m just caught up in all the glamour of the infomercial.  But I’m not in a trance, I swear!

Stars in the making

Last February I recorded a little video of CSP playing with our pug puppy Zoe. It’s really cute so I uploaded to America’s Funniest Home Videos in July. Well I received an email from AFV at the beginning of October that they want it on the show. So we filled out a stack of release forms and sent them in. I just heard that our video will be on America’s Funniest Home Videos in January! Most likely the 17th but I’m to check back with them in early January to confirm.
I’d show you the video but AFV has you take the video off the web until after the show.
CSP, in his pajamas, playing with Zoe, on national Television! So excited!!!

The Hills are alive with the sound of the Lord’s music?

Sara: What are “The Hills”?  A bunch of Christian singers?

Me:  What?  No, it’s that show that Mark films.  (our uncle)

Sara: I know that, but what is it?  It’s a bunch of Christian singers right?

Me:  (trying really hard to talk while laughing so hard)  Why would you think that?

Sara: Well, Heidi Montage (that’s how Sara pronounced it- so funny!) and Spencer Pratt are always talking about God & Jesus on Twitter. “We just finished filming. Thank you God!”  And they talk about Heidi’s new songs.

~It’s true.  Heidi is constantly going on about Jesus is great and I love Jesus etc. ~

Me:  Have you never seen The Hills?

Sara: No.

I then launched into an explanation of the Laguna Beach- The Hills – Lauren Conrad-Spencer Pratt is a douche-Heidi Montag phenomenon. I still couldn’t stop laughing.

I don’t know about you, but when I think of a group of Christian Singers- the cast of The Hills is the FARTHEST thing from my mind!