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The Bachelorettes Week 8 Men Tell All

BBs! It’s week 8 and that means it’s time for what used to be one of my v favorite Bachelor/ette episodes- Men Tell All!!! But before we get to that we have one last hometown to visit!

Aven’s hometown with Rachel

We are in Salem, Mass for Aven’s hometown and if history repeats itself, things do not bode well for a lady in this town! Before we meet the parents, though we stop in and consult with a Love Witch! Rachel and Aven go into the Love Witch’s shop and Rachel gets SO excited that they have half priced crystals- it’s almost more excited than she gets for her guys!!! The LOVE WITCH puts a spell on R & A and just as they are about to leave the glass table the love witch was working off of completely tips over! Candles and crystals everywhere!!!

That night R & A go to a seafood restaurant (why not someone’s house I want to know!!!) to meet cutie Aven’s parents. Mom has this long blonde-ish wild hair and a nose ring. Dad is more conservative looking AND acting- he’s v skeptical. But after chatting with R for a while he warms up nicely! Both parents are supportive of R & A, which a HUGE relief for Rachel since Tino’s parents ripped her apart!

After the parental meeting Aven tells Rachel he’s falling in love with her and she feels the same way. It’s v sweet!

Men Tell All

Jesse Palmer starts the show by telling us that no one went home from hometowns, and everyone got a rose.

Then Jesse makes me so jealous by telling everyone that everyone in the audience gets a Virgin cruise!

Finally the men tell all part starts. Roby (who dyed his hair that yellowy bleach color) has lots to say for a magician who was sent home the first night!

Hayden (who said all those hateful things about G & R and called them b!tches) isn’t there. GOOD. I don’t want him to get any airtime!

Logan is there though and he denies any wrongdoing (with the switching from R to G) and he’s still SO douchey!!! I loathe him and I hate that he’s going to Paradise where I’ll have to watch him even more!!! So then we are treated to a preview of BIP.

Nate is in the hot seat for a WHILE. First they make him rehash his “journey” with Gabby then Jesse addresses some social media rumors that apparently Nate dated a couple of women at the same time and kept his daughter a secret from them. He apologizes and says he’s a different man now than he was then. I still adore Nate!

Gabby and Rachel come out and sit on the hot seat. Jacob apologizes to Gabby for being so rude and while he seems sincere I still can’t stand him or his man bun!!!

Bloopers are funny and then more advertisements!!! Billy Eichner (who I LOVE) and some guy I don’t know come out to promote the movie Bros. Then to top off the night, Meatball douses himself with marinara again. And it’s gross. Again!

And that’s it BBs! No big secrets, no major drama. Just 2 hours of my life I’ll never get back!!! 😂

Until next week, xo 🌹