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Bachelorettes Week 4

It’s Week 4 BBs, AND my birthday!!! 🥳🥳🥳 I’m late posting because I’ve been busy with festivities and couldn’t watch until early this afternoon. But let’s get into it!!!

First of all… I can’t believe Meatball is back!!! He does redeem himself, but more on that later. They don’t make an announcement or anything, he’s just back. At the mansion, all the guys are milling about and chatting and Hayden is saying some really terrible things about our lovely Bachelorettes!!! Remember, he’s the same guy who told Gabby she was too “rough around the edges to be his wife” last week. Well this week he takes it WAY too far!!! Hayden says “they (the bachelorettes) don’t hold a candle” to his ex. And then…AND THEN!!! He actually says out loud!!! “My dumb ass uses the verbiage that Gabby uses to describe herself, and she f-ing didn’t like that. Well, bitch, maybe you shouldn’t use that word to describe yourself then.” I am SHOOK again!!! Did he just call the Bachelorette a bitch?!?! I loathe that word!!! Oh and he totally said the F word, I just cleaned it up for y’all.

Jesse Palmer comes in and tells the guys that they are going to France!!! This is a HUGE deal, because normally when they say the guys are going somewhere romantic, it’s to Boise, not Paris!!!

Tino’s 1-1 with Rachel in Paris.

It’s a rainy day in Paris, but that doesn’t stop T&R from making out while walking around the city of Love. They make crepes and they seem to really be getting along. At Fake Dinner they seem to have great chemistry and you can tell Tino (is that his real name or a nickname? I have questions ABC!!!) is really into Rachel. THANK GOODNESS because last week was such a sh!tshow for her!!! Rachel even admits to Tino that she really likes him! Yay!!! He gets the rose.

Jason’s 1-1 with Gabby in Paris

Jason is so quiet. Like a mime, he’s so quiet. When he does speak he peppers his speech with so many “likes” I feel a drinking game coming on!!! Jason and Gabby get fitted for berets and go wine tasting. Over Fake Dinner G asks J why he’s so reserved and he says he has tennis trauma. You read that right. Tennis. Trauma. No idea what that’s supposed to mean. BUT when G tells J about her absentee mom and how her mom just doesn’t have the tools to love her like a mom should, Jason is genuinely empathetic, actively listens, and openly talks about his therapy and how it’s helped him. Points for that J!!! He gets the rose.

Meanwhile, the other guys have made it to France and board a Virgin cruise ship. Y’all know I love a cruise so I’m excited about this! Also, who knew Jesse Palmer could speak French??? Impressed!!!

Gabby Group Date

French Boxing. Say what now??? Seriously ABC??? You’ve flown all these people to France and all you can come up with for them to do is hit each other??? G’s guys warm up and learn some French boxing techniques, then they are ready for the big fight! Rachel and her guys come to watch. But NONE of R’s guys come to sit with her, or can even be bothered to look her way!!! It’s pitiful!!! Meanwhile Rachel has to sit there listening to Gabby’s guys professing their love for G before their matches. My heart breaks for R!!! Spencer wins the boxing match and gets 1-1 time with Gabby. Poor Rachel is feeling so insecure and is crying and even says that Clayton (yes, that scummy underbite sporting dbag) made her feel more secure and loved than her guys do!!! Again, pitiful!!! Rachel confronts her guys when they all get back to the cruise ship and tells them she’s disappointed in them. Way to go R!!! But it’s sooo sad that the freaking Bachelorette has to practically beg her guys to pay attention to her!!!

Rachel Group Date

Rachel takes the guys to see romance experts and boy do they need expert help!!! But instead of anything really helpful, the experts instruct the guys to flirt with Rachel (which goes terribly because no one seems to know how to flirt). Then they make out with their fists. I can’t make this stuff up! And the icing on the cake is they blindfold Rachel and make her sniff the guys’ armpits!!! I’m so confused and so sad for Rachel! Meanwhile, Logan (one of R’s guys) tells producers he really has feelings for Gabby! So this is a train wreck a’coming down the tracks!!! Poor Rachel can’t catch a break!!! Tyler somehow wins 1-1 time with R and they make out and he gets the rose.

Cocktail Party

Hayden is telling Rachel about his dog Rambo, who has a brain tumor and is allegedly clinging for life back at home. I say allegedly because Hayden is the kind of guy who would totally make this up if he thought it would serve him well. He’s all y’all and yes ma’am until you turn around and he trashes you to his friends. I hate him. Anyway, Tino interrupts Hayden’s story and Rachel apparently doesn’t react sadly enough for Hayden. Hayden rejoins the group and tells anyone who will listen that R should have been sobbing over Rambo.

Meatball tells Rachel all about the nasty things Hayden said back at the mansion. Way to go Meatball! Never thought I’d utter those words!!! 😂 Rachel pulls Hayden aside to talk but that narcissist thinks she’s come to speak to him about Rambo!!! R tells H what Meatball said and H denies denies denies. Hello! You’ve been recorded saying this stuff you moronic donut!!! So Rachel sends him home. She should have been allowed to push him overboard. Wasted use of a ship if you ask me.

R’s so upset it’s drama every day and she’s getting beaten down. She’s crying. Jesse cancels the rest of the party.

Rose Ceremony

Gabby sends Quincey and Kirk (who??) home.

Rachel gives Logan the last rose and he accepts it!!! Even though he’s all hotsy totsy for Gabby!!! This will not end well!!! Jordan gets sent home.

We have to wait until next week to see what other emotional Olympics ABC is planning on putting poor Rachel through while Gabby has a great time finding love in Europe!!!

Until then my BBs!!! xo 🌹