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Bachelor Week 6

Week 6 BBs picks back up with the 2-1 with Shanae and Genevieve at Niagra Falls. This really isn’t a date at all but just 2 separate conversations, then a decision. Shanae tells Clayton that Genevieve is an actress who said she wanted to go home! This, of course, couldn’t be farther from the truth. But Shanae turns on the tears and she and Clay make out. Meanwhile, back at the hotel, the other girls are all on suitcase watch, waiting to find out which suitcase will be taken away- signifying who is going home. Genevieve cries when she’s with Clayton too. Then Clay sits both ladies down and asks Genevieve RIGHT IN FRONT OF Shanae (!!!) if Genevieve is an actress and wants to go home! I swear, he’s dumb as a box of hair! Genevieve is shook and denies it and Clay decides he needs to step away and think. He takes a few moments to himself then comes back to the ladies and gives…..Genevieve the rose! Genevieve looks visibly shocked! I am visibly shocked! Shanae is visibly shocked! Then, in classic 2-1 fashion, Clay and Genevieve leave Shanae there alone on the bench while they go off to makeout by the falls. Now, I have to give Genevieve some props because if some dude accused me of being an actress then tried to stick his big, meaty tongue down my throat—I would NOT be in the mood! Back at the hotel, the PA comes and gets Shanae’s suitcase and the other girls all cheer and scream. One even yells “Ding dong the shrimp is dead!” Bahahahaha!!!!

Cocktail Party

Mara is dressed in a knock off Olympic figure skater’s dress tonight and I can’t take my eyes off the gross skin colored mesh! Bleh! Mara gets literally like 2 minutes with Clayton before Serene interrupts, and this sends her off in frustrated tears.

Rose Ceremony

Going home: Hunter and Marlena

After the rose ceremony Clayton tells the women they are all taking off to Hvar, Croatia and they all scream but you can see on their faces they are trying to figure out what Hvar is! Bless!

Teddi gets the first 1-1 in Hvar and yay! It’s about time! Mara, is NOT nearly as thrilled as I am for old Teds though. Teddi and Clay walk around the town in the rain.

Fake Dinner

Teddi tells Clayton that not only has she never been in love, but that she’s a virgin. Clay’s face instantly goes beet red and he’s stuttering and sputtering! Get yourself together man! She’s a virgin, not an alien! Teddi gets the rose.

Group Date

The ladies have to dress up as Croatian knights and go through a series of quests. There’s push her out of the circle feat of strength, then the eating of liver and fish eyes, then the knight’s creed where the ladies have to tell Clayton how they feel about him. Serene wins the knight challenge.


Clayton shows up to the after party in a zip up shirt under his sport jacket. His stylist is making some really questionable choices.

Mara sits Clay down and unloads on him. WHOA. She basically says that he’s acting like he wants a wife and maturity but he’s choosing all these young girls. Specifically Sarah. Then Mara tells Clay that Sarah said she’s not ready to be engaged. Not true. ****NEW VILLAIN ALERT**** Girl, have you NOT seen the show??? The women who talk smack about the other girls do not make it to the end! Shanae had a 6 week run, something I’ve never seen before, but that girl was GOOD at being bad!!! Sure enough, Rachel gets the rose.

Later that night, Clayton gets a note under his door. Meet me at the clock tower. He goes and Susie is waiting for him. They climb the tower and chat and she tells him she’s falling in love with him.

Sarah’s 2nd 1-1

This is a pitiful date. There’s no activity. No real dinner. Just Clayton confronting Sarah at Fake Dinner about whether or not she’s ready for marriage at 23 years of age. Clay tells Sarah it’s been brought to his attention that she can’t see herself engaged and she instantly starts crying. Clay has to step away for a bit to think again. Girl, you’re only 23!!! Don’t hitch your wagon to this lump so soon! Live your life!!! Clay comes back and gives her the rose.

And that’s it until next week BBs! xo 🌹