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Bachelor Week 7

BBs it is week 7 of Clayton’s journey to find love, or at least a girlfriend for 6 months.

Sarah is back from her 2nd 1-1 and is on a mission to find out who ratted her out to Clayton about her not being ready for marriage. Sarah confronts the group and Mara fesses up. The next night at the pre- Rose Ceremony Cocktail Party, Mara pulls Sarah aside so they can fuss at each other some more. The other girls trying to listen in is the funniest part.

Rose Ceremony: Going home- Mara (shocker! I told you!) and cutie Eliza. We hardly knew ye, Eliza.

This episode feels like I’m watching it on hyper speed because next thing you know we are in Vienna, Austria. So beautiful!

Susie’s 1-1

Susie gets the Cinderella shopping trip date that they do on every season of the Bachelor. They go to these posh boutiques and Susie gets to pick out all kinds of fancy clothes and she acts like it was Clayton’s idea and he’s footing the bill! Susie and Clayton wind up at a designer’s private gallery and Susie tries on all sorts of haute couture gowns. Oh, and she gets some Christian Louboutins!!! Shoot, I’d make out with ol’ Clay for some red bottoms! Susie changes into a haute couture gown for Fake Dinner and gets the rose.

Group Date

The theme of today’s group date is couples’ therapy! Bizarre, as each of the couples are BARELY couples. So each lady has to sit down with Clayton and a psychoanalyst. Poor Genevieve looks like a deer in headlights during her session. She can barely open her mouth she’s so nervous. And instead of offering support or encouragement, Clay’s all “you gotta open up to me or we can’t work”. DUDE, she’s spent a total of 30 minutes with you! I can’t even tell you his birthday and I’ve been watching all season!!! He tells Genevieve they’ve run out of time and sends her home. Trust me when I tell you that you’ve dodged a bullet there Gene! Meanwhile, Sarah is SUPER cocky and sucks up to the psychoanalyst who sees right through her and declares to Clayton and the ladies at the end that one woman was “performative”. 3 guesses who!

After Party

Rachel tells Clayton that Sarah told the group he cried on his 1-1 with Sarah. Gabby and Teddi confirm this information and big boy C is NOT having it! How dare Sarah imply that Clay showed weakness or feelings or emotion?!?! Sarah, of course, denies all this to Clayton but he says I don’t believe you. He tells her he thinks she’s fake crying and Sarah says “I’ve run out of tears” (!!!) chef’s kiss!!! This is the kind of petty I want to see!!! Clayton sends Sarah home and does not give out the Group Date rose.

Serene 1-1

Serene’s 1-1 goes by so fast all I can tell you about it is that they toured the city, had Fake Dinner at a palace and she got the rose! Seriously, I know their date lasted all day but on tv it lasted one hot minute!

Rose Ceremony

Teddi goes home. Noooooo!!! I really liked Teddi!!! I was rooting for you girl!!!

Next up is Hometowns! One of my favorite episodes! Until then, xo. 🌹