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Bachelor Week 5

Welcome back to the Shanae Show BBs!!! Oh you thought you were tuning in to the Bachelor? That’s before Clayton put on blinders and fell for Shanae! But before we get to that…

Serene 1-1

Clayton and Serene (who is SO TINY) go to an amusement park on a beach pier in Galveston. They have all the rides and games to themselves and appear to have a great time. At Fake Dinner, Serene tells Clay about how her cousin she was really close to passed away and that it really affected her. Clay gives Serene the rose.

Cocktail Party

Clay takes the winning team from last week’s Group Date aside and asks them what happened with Shanae. They tell him about her hurling expletives and hurling their trophy into a pond. He says that that behavior is unacceptable. Clay pulls Shanae aside and she actually tells the truth! She’s all “I said what I said, you heard me!” Clay makes her go back out to the ladies and apologize. So Shanae stands in front of the ladies and releases a flood of crocodile tears with a truly heartfelt apology. Yeah right. As soon as she’s back with Clayton there are no tears and once she’s talking one on one with the producers she says “Sorry NOT SORRY you HOS”!!! Keeping it Klassy!

A few of the ladies actually accept her apology but come on. It’s Shanae the she devil! She is faking it!! Shanae goes back and reports to Clay that she apologized and they make out. UGH. What kind of hold does she have over him?? Does he owe her money???

Rose Ceremony

Obviously all the girls are chomping at the bit for Shanae to go home, but she gets the last rose again!!! At this point I’m not even surprised! Shanae even tells the camera “My vagina is sweating”. She makes my skin crawl. Such a lady!!!

Going home: Sierra, Jill, and Lyndsey (who looks like she could be Britney Spears’ sister).

Next we are told we are taking it international! Where to, you ask?? Toronto!!! That’s just Canada! International! Bahahaha!!!

Gabby 1-1

Gabby and Clayton take a helicopter tour of Toronto, then walk around the city. Every. Single. Thing. this girl does… Clayton acts like it’s the funniest thing he’s ever witnessed! I mean, she’s cute and can act silly but he’s not dating Jim Carrey!!! Gabby gets the rose at Fake Dinner.

Group Date

The ladies are tasked with performing a roast in front of an audience. They are to roast each other and Clayton. They DO NOT hold back while roasting Shanae, who isn’t there. One girl compares Shanae with herpes! And one blasts that Hunter has IBS! Dude! Below the belt!!! Rachel gets the group date rose at the after party.

Shanae/ Genevieve 2-1

Shanae, Genevieve, and Clayton go to Niagra Falls for their date. Shanae does some trash talking to the camera about Gene, comparing her to a chihuahua!!! But as for the date, we’ll have to wait for next week!!!

Until then BBs, xoxo 🌹