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Bachelor Week 4

More nonsense this week BBs! Week 4 begins with Clayton taking Shanae and Elizabeth aside to hash out their shrimp differences. Yes loves, ABC has subjected us to 2 solid weeks of what the ladies in the house are referring to as “Shrimpgate”. LORD HELP ME!!! As you can imagine, Eliz and Shanae just verbally assault each other while Clayton looks like he’d rather be anywhere else on Earth right now. He finally gets up and walks away and the ladies don’t miss a beat. They keep on harping on each other. Eliz rejoins the other ladies and Shanae follows, eating a plate of shrimp! Bahahaha!!! Clayton cancels the cocktail party and all the women blame Shanae, with good reason! Shanae gets the last rose and going home are Elizabeth, Melina, and Kira (who???)! HOW is Clayton so blind and dumb??

Jesse Palmer comes in the next morning to announce that the ladies are going on a world wide trip! Yay! To Houston!!! What??? The women try and look excited to be hopping a 3 hour flight to Texas instead of, well, anywhere else!

Rachel’s 1-1

Rachel (who’s wearing so much lip gloss I’m afraid she’s going to asphyxiate) and Clayton go horseback riding and “come upon” some random family’s barbeque. They crash the bbq and ask if they can stay and eat. They apparently spend the afternoon eating these poor people’s food and drinking their beer. It’s the first real food I’ve seen eaten on this show since 1887! Later they go to Fake Dinner and Rachel gets the rose.

Group Date

All the girls arrive to the Houston football stadium where there are lots of grills plugged into Hyundai cars. Odd product placement but ok. Everyone tailgates for a while until they are told they will be playing tackle football today. Not flag, not touch, but full on tackle to the ground football. There will be MUCH bloodshed today folks, because Shanae is a part of this group date and the other women are seething over her!

Winners of the game get to go to the after party with Clayton. Of course, Marlena the Olympian’s team wins. Sierra and Marlena basically ran all over those other poor girls. Guess who’s not on the winning team?? Shanae. Whomp whomp!


Sierra and Genevieve tell Clayton that Shanae is the cause of all the strife in the house when they have their separate time with him. Then, surprise! Shanae crashes the after party, saying “I deserve to be here.” NO YOU DO NOT!!! Clayton tells Shanae what the other girls have said and she comes back with “Yeah but they were plotting against me!” so Clayton puts Shanae up on a bar and they make out, as you do. WHY IS HE SO BLIND???? UGH.

After, Shanae goes out to the group of women and grabs their football trophy and hurls it into the bushes. She says “This isn’t the Bachelor, it’s the Shanae show!” And folks, we’ll have to deal with her for yet another week because that is the end of the episode!

Until next week, xoxo 🌹