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Bachelorette Week 4

Week 4 has come BBs!!! We start off with a 1-1 with Martin of all people. I don’t understand his appeal. The NSYNC era frosted hair, ALL the jewelry, the weird beard. But ok. He shows up for his date in a sleeveless plaid flannel shirt. WHY??? It’s an assault on my eyes!!! They go to the BMW driving school and learn how to drift while driving BMWs. Later they get in what looks to be a giant wash tub from Hee Haw and drink champagne and talk. This is when Martin starts defending Jamie and calling him a “hell of a guy”. Whoa. 🚩🚩🚩 Red flag alert!

Fake Dinner

Michelle brings up their disagreement over Jamie and Martin blames it all on poor communication skills he learned from his parents. WHAT?? Lame. For some reason Michelle gives him the rose anyway.

Group Date

This group date is sleepover themed. All the guys are given different types of jammies to wear and then they and Michelle hang out in this big room full of things like a popcorn machine and huge teddy bears. WHO thought this was a good idea for a date??? The guys are all ignoring Michelle. They are too busy playing with their teddy bears! At one point one guy even suggests “Does anyone want to play duck, duck, goose??” The Bella twins arrive and announce the guys have to battle it out by whacking each other with their teddy bears. There are 2 teams and the winning team will get to go to the after party with Michelle. Each time a head to head matchup is announced, the Bella girl ( I don’t know which is which) keeps saying So and so VERSE So and so. Instead of versus. It’s driving me mad!

Kaitlyn and Tayshia can tell something is bothering Michelle so Kaitlyn takes Michelle outside and they chat. Michelle admits she’s not feeling seen since NONE of the guys made an attempt to talk to her during the sleepover. Time is of the essence so this really is surprising.

After Party

Michelle tells the guys that she is seeing a lack of effort on their parts and not feeling seen. Olu gets emotional at this because Michelle reminds him of his sisters. He gets the group date rose.

Rick 1-1

Rick and Michelle take a sky gondola (is that what they are called??) up a mountain. They spend the day portion of their date in a forest. They find a wish box filled with anonymous wishes and one mentions a deceased father. This reminds Rick of his own father who passed away 3 years ago.

Fake Dinner

Rick picks back up with the story of his parents splitting up. Rick saw a text from his dad’s mistress and told his mom about it. His parents then split up and Rick blames himself for their split and his dad’s subsequent depression and death. Poor guy. Rick tells Michelle he’s falling in love with her and she gives him the rose.

Cocktail Party

Michelle walks into the room and is about to address the group of guys when little Chris S stands up IN FRONT OF MICHELLE and turns to the group and chastises them for not making Michelle feel seen. He says there are men in the group who feel like they have it all “in the bag” and they should go home. WOW. It never ceases to amaze me how men can feel so self important. Michelle (and the guys) is clearly shocked by this speech. Michelle gives a toast, then Brandon asks to steal her away. Chris S then says he’s going to talk to her first, thank you very much. Again, WOW.

Sidebar: Olu’s beard is so sparkly!

During his talk with Michelle, Chris throws sweet Nayte under the bus and says Nayte thinks he has it in the bag. Of course Michelle tells Nayte so then Nayte pulls Chris aside to confront him. Chris says he didn’t mean to single Nayte out. WHAT??? Of course you did!!! Then Chris actually says “I came in on my white horse and saved her from the castle she was stuck in.” OMG. I just can’t even deal with this man right now.

Rose Ceremony

Chris S gets the last rose for some reason. Going home: Chris G, Romeo, and Will (who totally looks like a Backstreet Boy).

Until next week my BBs!!! xo🌹