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Bachelorette Week 3

Well BBs, it’s week 3 and we are still dealing with week 2’s drama! But that comes later.

First we have a Top Gun: Maverick themed group date at an air museum. All the guys suit up in flight suits. There’s SO. Much. Jewelry!!! I don’t own as many necklaces as these 9 or 10 guys are sporting!!! It’s wild. At the date, Martin pulls Michelle aside and asks how she is feeling given the events of the prior night (when Jamie told her that the guys in the house were questioning her character). She thinks it’s sweet he thinks to check in on her. All the guys have to do push ups then get in a G Force simulator. Next they go head to head in a dog fight (up on a platform beating each other with padded sticks). Will wins the Maverick contest and gets a few minutes alone with Michelle, plus a bomber jacket.

That night at the after party Peter and Will are arguing again and it is SO VERY tiresome and lame. Peter actually says ” Bro you hate my mouth cause you wish you had it”. I mean, WHAT??? While Will is speaking with Michelle, Peter takes his jacket and throws it in the pool. Will is so upset by this that he cries. Tears. Then fishes his jacket out of the water. BUT to his credit, he doesn’t go crying to Michelle about it. Although someone needs to tell her that Peter is a douche. Martin gets the Group Date Rose.

Rodney 1-1

They play truth or dare. There’s a blindfolded taste test and Rodney has to streak naked through the hotel. You know, typical first date shenanigans.

Fake Dinner

Michelle and Rodney bond over his mom being his hero. Michelle tells a story about being called the N word and her ex not being supportive of her feelings. Rodney says Michelle could be the love of his life. Slow down there pardner! But I have to say, Rodney seems like one of the least problematic guys, and he is always smiling!

Group Date 2

Spoken word poetry. The guys are tasked with writing a personal poem to Michelle that they will then perform in front of Michelle and all the guys from the house. Jamie gets up and says he lost his little notebook and tells a story, not a poem, that’s a parable, not about himself. Ugh.

Michelle even performs a poem she wrote about being the token black girl.

That night…. Jamie keeps talking about how he’s miles ahead of all the other guys and they aren’t his competition. Says the group date rose is in the bag. Well, your bag’s empty Jamie because Brandon gets the group date rose! Ha!

After the date, Jamie pulls a producer aside and literally talks sh!t about Michelle! HELLO!!! You are being recorded!!! WHAT a dumbass.

The next night at the cocktail party….Jamie still hasn’t fessed up that it was he who told Michelle that guys were questioning her character. AND he speaks about himself in the 3rd person- grounds enough for me to send him home! Shannon doesn’t like that. šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

Michelle is looking amazing in a sparkly silver dress. Her stylist is doing a much better job than in seasons past! During Michelle’s talk with Rick, he brings up the whole questioning the character thing and Michelle says well it was Jamie.

Rick immediately goes and tells some of the guys that it was Jamie. Nayte (one of my faves) says let’s bring Jamie into this conversation. The guys confront Jamie who is hemming and hawing and won’t answer a direct question.

Later, Michelle comes to address the group and notices a vibe. Jamie decides to speak up and tell her what’s going on. But he’s stumbling over his words and not making a bit of sense. Michelle takes him outside to talk. He STILL won’t own up to it. She sends him home. YAY!!!

Michelle is so poised and put together when she deals with drama! She then cancels the cocktail party and moves them into the rose ceremony. Going home: Pizza Peter, Spencer, LT (who???), and Mollique.

Until next week my BBs!!! xo šŸŒ¹