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Bachelorette Week 2 Recap

Well BBs it’s week 2 and there’s already a pot stirrer in our midst! But we’ll get to that.

First up is a group date in a classroom much like Michelle’s 5th grade class she teaches. Three 5th graders join her and they are adorably tough on the guys. There are spelling questions, math, chemistry, and musical chairs. BTW, Peter plays musical chairs like he’s in the thunder dome and his life is on the line. RELAX dude! At one point during chemistry class Peter is whisper yelling Michelle’s name so much that little Mia says to him “Leave her alone, MY GOD” and I am living for it!!! Peter is going to great lengths to be the center of attention and the other guys are not having it. In fact, when they have to spell narcissist, Will writes down “Peter”. HA!!!


OF COURSE Peter decides to confront Will about the narcissist thing and a shouting match ensues. Michelle hears the noise and pulls Peter aside later to ask him about it. He says it’s out of his character. Yeah, I don’t think so buddy.

Brandon gets the Group Date rose.

Jamie 1-1

They go to Joshua Tree to go rock climbing. It’s gorgeous there! They have a picnic at the top of the rock formation. Jamie seems nice but I don’t see this as a match, what with him jetting off all the time traveling and Michelle enjoying her life teaching in Minnesota.

Fake Dinner

Jamie shares that his mom battled mental issues all his life up until when he was 24 and she died by suicide. Wow. This is deep . Poor guy, I can’t even imagine. Michelle handles it perfectly though by saying “I don’t really know you, but I’m proud of you.” Jamie gets the rose.

Group Date

Basketball. This episode is flying by and I’m here for it. The blue team wins and gets time with Michelle at the after party. Joe gets the MVP prize which means he gets to go to the party too even though he was on the losing team.


Joe and Michelle are vibing big time. There’s definite chemistry. He ends up getting the group date rose.
The next night is the cocktail party. Jamie starts talking to various guys about Joe since he hears Joe’s becoming somewhat of a front runner. Jamie is clearly insecure because he can’t stop talking about Joe. What a shame. He then decides to talk to Michelle about Joe.

Jamie tells Michelle that “the guys” were speculating that Joe and Michelle knew each other before the show and were boo’d up. This upsets Michelle and she calls the guys all together to address it. She explains that they messaged a couple times a few years ago and that’s it. Then she cancels the rest of the party. Yet another example of a pot stirrer causing drama and taking time from the other guys JAMIE !!!

The guys want to know who went to Michelle with this nonsense but Jamie won’t fess up.

Rose Ceremony

For some reason she keeps Peter but sends home Alec, Pardeep, Daniel, and PJ.

Until next week BBs!!! xo🌹