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Bachelor in Paradise Week 7

It’s Week 7 BBs! We are in the home stretch! This week is a 3 HOUR ordeal!!! Luckily I watch on Hulu so it only consumed 2 hours of my life!

This week picks back up with Aaron and Ivan arguing over Chelsea. They get all up in each other’s faces then walk away. Later Aaron goes back to talk with Ivan and this time Riley inserts himself in the conversation too! Basically, Ivan told Aaron he wouldn’t try to steal anyone’s rose. Then Ivan made out with Chelsea. Ivan tells everyone that Chelsea pulled HIM to talk, but it was the other way around!!! Cracks me up when folks forget they are on tv and being recorded! The camera does not lie!!!Chelsea walks over and sets the record straight, but Ivan keeps lying! Chelsea and Aaron make out.

Rose Ceremony

Wells gathers everyone then says he has to deal with something that happened last night when they were all sheltering from the storm at the hotel (not the resort where they normally are). Wells pulls Ivan to talk, leaving the rest of the group to speculate what’s going on! Ivan admits he looked on a producer’s phone (!!!) and got Alexa’s ( who???) room number off the phone then went and found her and spent time with her last night! This is a big no no Ivan!!! Wells and Ivan come back to the group and Ivan tells everyone what he did. Wells tells Ivan to say his goodbyes and he leaves.

The Rose Ceremony commences.

Serena gives her rose to Joe

Abigail to Noah

Maurissa to Riley

Mari to Kenny

Becca to Thomas

Chelsea to Aaron

Natasha to Ed

Tia to James

Going home: Blake, Demar, and Dr Joe.

The next day Wells announces he’s the host for the week! Yay! Mari thinks Kenny is being distant. Anna (mean girl from Matt’s season) arrives with date card. She pulls Kenny right away. Kenny and Thomas both turn her down for her date. Anna takes James on her date. They become human churros (WHAT?????) and roll around in cinnamon sugar and chocolate syrup. While that would be v exfoliating, I don’t understand what these producers are thinking!!! Then they take an outdoor shower, get a massage from huge snakes (!!!) and have a hot tub make out sesh. Safe to say they are getting along!

Mykenna arrives with a date card and asks Aaron. Aaron says let’s go chat and turns her down. Mykenna starts crying on the beach so Ed goes to her and says he’ll go on the date with her. At first she waffles, then decides to take him on the date. They go rollerblading, have fun, and kiss. Natasha is bummed.

A priestess arrives on the beach and pulls Mari and Kenny. She guides M & K through some spiritual exercises. Afterwards K & M feel closer.

Noah tells Abigail he has strong feelings for her and that he’s falling in love with her. Abigail freezes and doesn’t say anything back.

The next day, it’s announced they are having an 80s themed prom! Complete with 80s clothes! SO fun!!! Now that James is with Anna, Tia doesn’t have a date. During the prom Aaron pulls Tia aside and takes her outside and gives her a corsage, which is so sweet. Then he kisses her and they make out! What about Chelsea Aaron?!?! They go back inside and Aaron starts dancing with Tia, totally ignoring Chelsea!

Joe and Serena are crowned prom king and queen. The band plays Almost Paradise! Ha!!!

Noah pulls Abigail aside to chat. He breaks up with her, he’s crying. Abigail does not take it well and walks away to the bathroom crying.

To be continued next week in the finale! Yay!!!
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