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Bachelor in Paradise Finale

I know I’m a day late and a dollar short but I’m sick so throw me a bone please.

It’s the FINALE BBs!!! I know in real life it’s only like 3 weeks of filming but it feels like this show has been on forever and a day!!! We pick back up at prom where Noah has just broken up with Abigail. They say their goodbyes and Noah leaves Paradise. Abigail goes back inside and tells everyone what happened. She then leaves herself. Everyone is bummed.

The next day is the last cocktail party! Everyone gathers for it then Wells comes out and cancels the party! Whomp whomp. They head straight to the Rose Ceremony where …..
Joe gives his rose to Serena

Riley to Maurissa

Kenny to Mari

Thomas to Becca

James to Anna

Aaron to Tia

Ed to Mykenna

Going home: Natasha and Chelsea

The next day Wells gathers everyone again and introduces Dean and Caylinn (spelling? It’s been a while since they’ve been on the show). They tell the group that tonight is Fantasy Suites night so it’s super important to have those make or break conversations. The guys and girls retire to their respective palapas.

Kenny pulls Mari to talk. They decide to go forward to the Fantasy Suites.

Thomas pulls Becca. Thomas: I want to be with you. Becca: I think we should split up. You’re too good to be true. He starts crying and walks away. Becca chases after him, but sticks to her guns. They say goodbye and they leave, but on the car ride out Becca admits she’s torn.

Ed asks Mykenna to talk. Ed wants to continue their relationship and go to the FS. Mykenna is like, dude we just met YESTERDAY, I’m out. Ed’s like Yeah, true BUT….. that dude is trying SO hard to get her to spend the night with him but she holds fast and they both leave Paradise…separately.

James & Anna talk. Anna wants to continue the relationship, she really likes James. James says he can’t see himself falling in love with her. Anna leaves Paradise. James goes back to the guys and tells Aaron Hey I’m out. Wanna bounce? (they live in the same city). Aaron runs to talk to Tia really quickly. Like REAL QUICK. They BARELY walk away from the other women before Aaron starts his “nice to meet you” speech. He leaves with James! Bros! Poor Tia leaves a bit grumpy!

Riley & Maurissa talk. She wants to continue their relationship and go to FS. He starts hemming and hawing and mucking about and getting her scared before FINALLY admitting he wants the same thing!

Joe pulls Serena to talk. They say I love you to each other.

The last 3 remaining couples gather before Caylinn and Dean again. They are all told to go on to FS and Fake Dinner. At Fake Dinner Kenny and Mari finally say I love you and so do Riley and Maurissa. They all head off to Fantasy Suites.

The next day as Riley is leaving Maurissa he says in her ear that he has thinking to do and isn’t sure if he’s ready. She’s left SOBBING.

Proposal time!!!

Kenny and Mari are up first. He proposes and she says yes!

Next are Maurissa and Riley. It must be HOT HOT HOT out because these poor girls are SWEATING buckets in their makeup and dresses and the poor guys are drenched in their long pants and nice shirts!!! Riley proposes and Maurissa accepts!

Joe and Serena are last. Joe is up on the little area waiting and who walks down the stairs?? KENDALL! Dang ABC, you’re all about creating drama!!! Kendall walks up to Joe and they talk. They get closure and say their goodbyes. Kendall leaves and Serena comes up to the little area. Joe and Serena are the cutest I swear!!! He proposes, she says yes and everyone’s happy!!!

Post Paradise, the 3 engaged couples are still engaged. Abigail and Noah got back together and so did Thomas and Becca! Pieper and Brendan split.

See y’all BBs in 2 weeks for Michelle’s season of Bachelorette!!! xo🌹