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Bachelor in Paradise Week 6

Week 6 BBs!!! We start with Joe and Serena all in love and making out on the beach with Kendall watching them. Kendall is all upset and pulls Joe aside to talk. Joe tells her he’s sure things between them are over. Kendall decides to leave and sobs in the car.

Next Day

Ed & Demar (who??) arrive with date cards and chat up the girls. Ed asks Natasha to go on the date and Demar asks Chelsea. They all go to an art class. Ed & Natasha make out! Yay!

Kenny and Mari get a date card and go to a cooking class of sorts. But Kenny has to get naked and lay on the table while Mari spoons taco fixings all over him then eats it off. Then it’s Mari’s turn on the table. This is just gross. Afterward they talk about their feelings and say they are falling in love with each other.

Back at the resort, James is trying to woo Tia away from Blake. Tia likes James but he doesn’t “make her vagina dance” like Blake does.

Maurissa is trying to get Riley to open up and talk about his feelings more. They tell each other they are falling in love.

Producers appear the next morning and tell the group they have to evacuate because of a severe tropical storm. Everyone leaves and the future of paradise seems uncertain. For 5 minutes. Then everyone is back and everything is ok.

They announce there will be a daytime cocktail party and Rose Ceremony. 4 guys are going home.

Tia is upset that Blake isn’t making any grand gestures to win her heart. Aaron’s trying to continue to woo Chelsea but then Ivan pulls Chelsea to talk and they kiss. Aaron sees and is NOT happy. Aaron confronts Ivan and they start to argue, all up in each other’s faces. Uh oh!

And that’s it until next week BBs!!! xo 🌹