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Bachelor in Paradise Week 3 Part 1

Week 3 Part 1

BBs, this week starts out with everyone wondering where Riley and Maurissa are after they got back so late from their date! They’re in the Boom Boom Room people!!!

Chris (WHO???) and Chasen (ugh) arrive at the same time and have a double date card. They are already bros. They start chatting up the women then Chris chooses Jessenia and Chasen chooses Deandra for their double dates. The group goes to see an intimacy guru (which is quite forward for a first date ABC!!!). The men are told to blow air all over the ladies’ bodies and then they all act out positions from the Kama Sutra!!! I mean!!!

Mari tells Kenny she wants to be open to go out on dates. Kenny is not happy with this information. But then Demi pulls Kenny to talk and they make out. So don’t cry for Kenny, Argentina. Mari sees this and starts crying. She clearly wants to be able to make out with other people, but not let Kenny do the same!

Connor and Tahz are chatting when T tells Connor that Maurissa and Riley slept in the BBR last night! Poor Connor is devastated!!!

Natasha is frustrated that Brendan hasn’t even kissed her yet and it’s been a week! Lance Bass tells Nat to make the first move so she gives Brendan a massage and Brendan kisses her! Yay!

Joe gets a date card and takes Serena. They go to this dark room where there’s a Fake Dinner set up inside a Lucha Libre wrestling ring! They chat about wanting to be exclusive and then they don Lucha Libre gear and wrestle and make out.

Jessenia comes back from her date with Chris and breaks up with Ivan. Big mistake Jess! HUGE!!! Karl asks Deandra to chat because he has something to give her. They sit down and IMMEDIATELY Chasen interrupts trying to pull Deandra away. SO rude!!! Over and Over Chasen keeps showing up and lingering and poor Karl is just trying to give her this bracelet. So sad. In the end she walks away with Chasen.

Later there’s a bonfire and everyone is sitting around chatting. Demi brings out a birthday cake for Kenny and everyone sings. Then Demi takes Kenny up to a shelter where she’s hung a pinata and a Happy birthday sign for him. The pinata is full of condoms, natch. They make out some more. Mari gets ENRAGED and throws the cake into the bonfire! Mari confronts Demi, then Kenny, yet she still can’t see how this was of her own making!

Meanwhile, Thomas is putting the moves on Tammy. He says he wants to kiss her so she literally kisses him then straddles him on this daybed!!! Poor Aaron is watching the whole thing.

Demi takes Kenny to the BBR.

The next day is the Rose Ceremony. Women have the roses and 4 men are leaving.
During the cocktail party portion Aaron and Thomas are arguing on the beach.

And that’s where we leave off until tomorrow BBs!!! xo 🌹