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Bachelorette Week 9

Photo by picjumbo.com on Pexels.com

It’s time for Hometowns BBs!! With Michael’s departure last week we only have 3 hometowns.


Blake is from Canada so he (or rather some poor production assistants) set up a Faux Canada where he and Katie drink syrup, and play darts and hockey.

That night Katie and Blake go meet up with his family. Blake’s mom in tight leather pants!!! His sister and brother are there too. He admits he hasn’t told K he loves her yet.


Justin is from Baltimore so they eat crabs and ride in a horse drawn carriage.

Justin’s parents couldn’t come so his 2 best friends are there. Each BFF sits down with K to chat. Justin also hasn’t said I love you yet but at the end of the night he says he’s falling in love to K.


Boy, Katie sure does trust that these guys are strong because she runs and jumps on each one when greeting them!!! Greg is from New Jersey so they eat Italian Ice and pork rolls, go fake surfing, and play basketball (something he did with his late father). At the end of their day date Greg even makes it fake rain on them!

Greg’s Mom, brother, and best friend have come for Hometowns. Greg tells all three he’s totally in love and Katie is the one!!! At the end of the night he tells K he loves her and she doesn’t/can’t (??) respond the way he wants. Things get really awkward. Greg’s super frustrated and K doesn’t/can’t give him much reassurance.

The next day Greg goes to Katie’s room to tell her he’s leaving. They argue a bit about the night before and Greg is just spiraling. He’s in tears and practically begging for K to quit the show and run off with him. Meanwhile K seems a bit cold and standoffish, though she is shedding a few tears. I don’t understand what’s holding her back! Justin?? Please, they don’t like each other enough for this. Blake??? Good Lort I hope not!!!

Greg says he’s done and walks out. After a beat, K follows him to the pool area where he’s sitting. She asks him to stay and G says I’m not happy here. I’m done here. And he walks away! K goes up to her bathroom and cries. Kaitlyn arrives to talk and K says she just wants to go home.

And that’s the end of the show! They say next week is the season finale so we’re not seeing the typical Fantasy Suites/ last dates/ meet her parents days we normally see!

Until then my BBs!!! xo 🌹