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Bachelor in Paradise Week 2 Part 2

Week 2 Part 2! This week the ladies have the roses.

Lance Bass arrives to host this week. He sits down with the girls over mimosas.

Thomas arrives. UGH. He gets a date card from Lance. Thomas is a pretty man, though, but what a snake!!!

Thomas greets everyone but NONE of the guys from his season say a word. You can cut the tension with a knife! Thomas chats up the women and constantly talks about how big he is and his height and how he’s just a big teddy bear. Over and over. WE GET IT. You’re tall!!!

Thomas asks Serena on his date. She accepts, but goes and tells Joe about it before she leaves. Joe is so bummed.

Serena and Thomas go play on water toys and kiss. Serena is talking about how gorgeous Thomas is.

Meanwhile Riley arrives. Tahzjuan is ALL aflutter over him. Girl does NOT know how to act! It’s hilarious!!! Riley chats up all the women. Tahzjuan is really wanting to go on the date. But Riley chooses Maurissa for the date. Connor says he’s not worried, but he sure looks worried.

Thomas and Serena are on a beach picnic. She asks why all the guys hate him. Thomas is pretty honest about it, but he looks ridiculous in his tiny peach shorts. They go back to the resort and Serena seeks out Joe to talk. She tells Joe that she told Thomas that he needs to pursue other women. YAY!!!

Then Aaron, Tre, James, and Karl sit down to talk with Thomas. Thomas apologizes to all the guys and he’s sounds really sincere. I don’t buy it though. Because he spent some time on his date trashing Tre!!!

Serena tells the girls about Thomas talking about Tre so Tahzjuan sets off to find Tre and let him know. Thomas said Tre is emotionally immature. Not nice. So Tre goes and tells Thomas that they are no longer speaking.

Maurissa comes out ready for her date with Riley all dolled up. Connor keeps saying he’s ok but he looks seriously worried now. Riley and Maurissa go to a cafe where Lance Bass is waiting. There’s all this disgusting “food” like nose and feet and tongue. They have to answer a question from Lance or eat the nasty stuff. They play along and end up making out.

Back at the resort, Tahz decides to give it a go with Tre even though she was seriously crushing on Riley.

Natasha feels like something is missing with Brendan. There’s no chemistry.

At Fake Dinner, Riley and Maurissa are talking about how she REALLY needs reassurance & Riley says he can provide that.

Back at the resort, poor Connor is waiting up for Maurissa. But she comes back with Riley and they go to the Boom Boom Room!!! Poor, poor Connor.

Until next week my BBs!!! xo 🌹