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Bachelorette Week 11- Men Tell All!

Week 11- Men Tell All!!! This is normally one of my favorite episodes but I just knew this one was going to be the Luke show. BUT we start back in Greece and I was not disappointed! We are there for the Rose Ceremony and Peter (I still swoon over him, I can’t help it), Tyler in his tight pants, and Jed (ugh) line up. Alabama Hannah appears and I hate everything about her look today. She’s wearing a bun (which is fine) but she’s got these long tendrils of hair framing her face so it looks like a big, fat spider is sitting on her head and hanging 2 legs down on the sides of her face. And she’s wearing a cut out dress that looks like a Pretty Woman knock off. Anyway, it looks like a regular Rose Ceremony until they show Luke in a van on his way to crash the ceremony. WITH A RING!!! I’ve been saying this for weeks but ABC is going to end up having to get a restraining order against this Psycho!!!!
So Luke arrives to the Rose Ceremony and goes and stands in the line up like everything is normal! Mind you, the other guys don’t know Luke has been sent home. AH walks up to the scene and sees Luke who tries to talk to her. AH says NO! And Jed’s face is priceless!!! Luke won’t stop talking so AH PICKS UP THE ROSE PEDESTAL and walks it closer to the other guys!!! I died!!! So awesome!!! The other 3 gather around AH while Luke is trying to talk to her. She looks him square in the eyes and tells him she doesn’t want him and to leave for the millionth time and he finally does, muttering to himself “She still doesn’t understand”. I just can’t with him!!!
Back to the Men Tell All. Luke comes out to the stage and people (not many, but still) actually applaud for him!!! I’ll sum up his extremely long time on stage: He keeps saying he’s misunderstood. And he says he still loves AH. But he’s not ok with her “straddling and mounting other guys”. STRADDLING AND MOUNTING!!!! He’s making her sound like a wild elk or something! He then says he was going to “rescue” AH. I swear just when I think he can’t say anything else to surprise me, he pulls out a gem! AH is the show’s lead! She does not need you to save her!!! Devin (WHO???) comes out on stage and puts Luke in his place but Luke does. not. get. it. He has no remorse. In fact he even says if he could go back he wouldn’t change a thing!!! UGH. He’s a lost cause ladies!!! He says he’s not here to argue with the guys. Well then why did you come?? Again, have you not seen this show??? And EVERY SINGLE TIME Chris Harrison asks Luke a question he literally takes a full 30 seconds or more to stare out into space before answering!
Next in the hot seat is JPJ- John Paul Jones. Chicken nuggets were eaten and thrown into the crowd. And some rando chick came up on stage out of the audience and cut a piece of his hair off! That was strange!!!
Mike wsa up next and nothing ridiculous happened because he is a gentleman! MIKE for Bachelor!!!!
AH comes out next looking fierce! She goes off about and to Luke and says her sex life is no one’s business and especially not his but you can tell by his face and raised eyebrows he doesn’t get it.
AH had sweet things to say to Mike, which was nice. Bloopers were really good this season. BIP looks insane!!! The Bachelorette finale is 2 nights next week so we’ll see you then BBs!!! xo 🌹