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Bachelorette Week 12

Week 12- We begin back at the Rose Ceremony that was interrupted by Luke P(sycho). We’re down to Jed (UGH), Tyler, and Peter (swoon! can’t help it! don’t @ me). Alabama Hannah is still in that horrible Forever 21 formal cut out prom dress. She gives Jed the first rose! JED!!!! Who has a girlfriend at home! UGH. Peter is going home. He’s such a gentleman. AH is crying and he’s crying and I’m just trying to figure out how to slide into Peter’s DMs. Pete- call me! I’m sure CSP won’t mind!
We cut to LA and Chris Harrison in the studio with Peter. Peter’s parents are there and his mom is crying like he was lost at sea, not like he just got dumped on a nationally televised dating show. AH comes out and says hi to Peter’s parents like she’s going steady with Peter instead of having just broken his heart! Don’t be so cheery with them Missy! You chose to let Peter go! Oh, and AH’s dress is getting on my nerves. It’s got one long sleeve that’s hanging off her shoulder and the other arm is bare and it’s skin tight and cobalt blue and it just looks like this is a poorly thought out superhero ice dancing costume, especially those earrings- they look like bedazzled dust bunnies!
So AH is doing a LOT of flirting with Peter considering she’s supposedly ENGAGED at this point, right?? And then it comes out that they had sex not once, not twice, but 4, count em, 4 times in that windmill!!! Whoa!!! Then there’s some whispering. There’s more to this story, mark my words.
Back to Greece. We get to meet AH’s family. OMG what a treat this is for me!!! Dad looks like a Cracker Barrel Santa with his gray goatee and long, gray hair. And his eyes. SO tiny! Meanwhile Mom is rocking some major black eyeliner. Like WAY too much. She’s got GLITTER ON HER CHEST that you can spot just below her Forever 21 choker. Now I see where AH gets her fashion sense! Tyler comes in in his tight manpris and meets the family first. Mom’s bosom visibly heaves when she lays eyes on Tyty. Both parents are noticeably impressed by Tyler (and really, who wouldn’t be)? He’s tall, good looking, gainfully employed, truly woke. OK wait, who are these other people in the room? They are obvs relatives of AH but we never find out the relation or their names. I have questions ABC!!!
Next up to meet the fam is Jed. Today AH is wearing this odd blue caftan. She looks pretty but I can’t figure out the dress. Dime Eyes Dad sits Jed down and grills him about how is he going to support AH with his crappy singing career. Jed then drops this bombshell…he wrote a dog food jingle!!! I DIE. I googled it immediately and found out it’s for a company called Better Bowl (never heard of it) and the song sounds just like a sad country ditty (I wouldn’t expect less from Jed). Back to the parents. Now Mom is crying rivers through her many layers of foundation and eyeliner. AH: What do you think of Jed? Mom: He has qualities. Bahahahahaha!!!! He has qualities!!! So does Charles Manson!!! AH is NOT happy about how critical her parents are of Jed, but come on, can you blame them??? I just know there are multiple “Live, Laugh, Love” plaques in the Brown family home, but you gotta love them for putting their daughter first.
Afterwards AH & Jed are outside talking and you can see straight through her muumuu to her thong! AH is pouring her heart out to Jed and he looks as about affected as if she was trying to sell him a timeshare in Wichita.
Next up is Tyler’s last 1-1. AH and Ty are wearing painted on jeans so tight that when they go to get on a couple horses to ride around I’m just waiting for a giant rip! AH’s off the shoulder shirt looks like the old uniforms the waitresses used to wear at Lizard’s Thicket! And Ty’s jeans are rolled! That night AH shows up to Tyler’s hotel suite in a hooded midriff baring sweater that’s totally giving me middle school vibes. She and Tyler are doing some serious “straddling and mounting” as the camera cuts away.
Jed’s last 1-1 date is next and they take a catamaran out to sea. It would be a beautiful date if not for 2 things: 1. Jed is not wearing a shirt but he IS wearing a leather belt with his shorts. I can also tell he shaves his chest!!! And 2. AH is violently sea sick and puking over the side of the boat.
That night AH shows up in the most bizarre outfit of the season (and that’s saying something!) – a pink pleather jacket, a black lace cami, and WIDE leg lace trimmed crop pants with SLITS. Her wardrobe choices wear me out!!! Anyway, she and Jed have a talk and it doesn’t go so well. There is no mounting or straddling in Jed’s room tonight people!
And that’s it for today! We find out tonight who she picks (FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, PLEASE PICK TYLER!!!). I’ll watch tomorrow and report back my BBS! xo 🌹