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Bachelorette Week 9- Hometowns!

Week 9- Hometowns!!! One of my favorite episodes because we get to see where these punks come from and the families never disappoint!
We start with Peter. I don’t understand why Alabama Hannah isn’t more crazy about Peter. He’s adorable. He can fly a plane. He’s sweet and drama free! Marry him!!! He takes AH flying and I’m sure he’s taken a million girls flying but it IS really hot. His family seems really sweet & lovely & I love their pre-dinner yell fest! His dad crying during their talk was so sweet! My vote is for Peter, but then again it has been since day one.
Next up we’re in Florida for Tyler’s hometown. He takes her on a boat ride and I have no idea what they talked about because I was so distracted by his abs. Holy washboard stomach!!! Ok so they walk up to this mini mansion and I’m sorry but didn’t Tyler talk about how they lost everything and had to downsize??? Oh poor thing Tyty, you live in a shack! Tyler redeems himself with how much he loves his sweet dad. I can ALMOST forgive Tyler for forever wearing too short, too tight pants! I swear if I was a nurse I could find a vein and start an IV through those things!!!
Luke is next and I can’t wait to see if the rest of his fam is as psycho as he is! He is SO short! He definitely has short man syndrome. Luke takes AH to Sunday school in some sort of cafe. He starts off the session by telling his “Jesus in the shower” story again and about how he was “Entangled in Sin” in college. Then he won’t leave AH’s side as they make their way around the room forcing everyone to say what a great guy Luke is. They go to see Luke’s family and it’s just more of them saying what a great guy he is. Me thinks they doth protest too much! Afterwards, Luke actually apologizes for the struggle and then tells AH he loves her. Too little too late psycho!!! Dump him!!!
Lastly we go to Tennessee to see Jed. AH is wearing a pretty dress with little stars all over it. I stan. OF COURSE Jed takes her to a recording studio. UGH I am so over Jed and his REAL reason for being on this show!!! They go meet the family and Jed’s dad RUNS AND JUMPS INTO JED’S ARMS and I die! SO funny!!! Oh, but also, Jed’s dad has a soul patch so that’s creepy. Jed’s family is NOT a fan of AH and seems a little shocked that Jed’s talking love and engagement. Mom is a skeptic and Sister is straight up brutal, saying Jed being in love with AH is a bad idea. The whole time Mom is on screen all I want to do is cut her bangs.
Rose Ceremony- Tyler shows up in his uniform of too tight too short pants and stands a full head and shoulders above Luke. Peter is so handsome. He gets the 1st rose and Tyler gets #2. Then it’s obvious that AH is struggling between Luke and Jed. She leaves and cries and Chris Harrison actually makes an appearance and makes a LAME attempt to comfort her while AH destroys rose petals. AH finally walks back in and gives everyone a rose. UGH!!!! Jed is not happy and dude, I feel your pain. I wouldn’t want it to be a toss up between me and a shorty psychopath either!!!
Next week Luke pulls out the slut shaming card so that should be interesting. Until then my BBs!!!! xo 🌹