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Fabulous prizes

I wanted to give out good prizes at Shannon G’s baby shower while staying on a budget.  Most baby shower planning sites said just go to the Dollar Store and grab some things and throw them in a bag.  I don’t want stuff from the Dollar Store (unless I need something specific) so why would I give Dollar Store stuff out as prizes?  I knew my friend Christina would have a great idea for me and sure enough she came through.  She told me about these really cute things at Bath and Body Works called PocketBacs. Tiny little anti-bacterial gel bottles.  She told me they have cute little holders too.  So I bought a bunch of the PocketBacs and holders in various flavors and colors.  They also have these adorable tiny candles- bigger than a tealight and maybe votive sized, but in its own container.   I bought a bunch of those in various scents to go with the PocketBacs. Island Margarita is especially yummy smelling.  I lucked out with a coupon and free shipping and of course I went through Ebates so I made 3% back on the purchase.  So for the same amount I would have spent for Dollar Store variety bags I was able to give adorable, useful prizes.   When the box arrived everything smelled so good I had a hard time giving them up!   I went ahead and put the gels into their little holders and paired them up with a candle then put it all in a themed goody bag and tied it with pink ribbon.   Everyone seemed to really like the prizes.  I was very pleased!

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