I’m Southern. I should be able to do this in my sleep.

It seems no matter what I do I can’t make deviled eggs lately to save my life.  I boil the eggs and put them in ice water and let them cool.  Now here comes the problem- I peel them and they look like they’ve been tumbled in a bag of gravel!  Look at my last attempt! Only 2 decent eggs out of a dozen!   I’ve got to get better before the Summer deviled egg season begins!

8 thoughts on “I’m Southern. I should be able to do this in my sleep.”

  1. I’ve been skipping the ice-water bath at the end. I know it’s Martha’s way, but it has NEVER worked for me. Lately I let the eggs come to about room temp (at first because the girls were busily coloring them and I couldn’t wrest them away, but now because it works for us) then crack them and can’t believe how nicely they come out.

  2. I actually think there is something about eggs today – I have had the same problem, whether waiting for them to come to room temp, bathing in cold running water while still hot, or ice bathing them – mine all look like this. Thank you for posting it because I seriously thought it was just me. I always said they kicked me out of the south because I couldn’t make a biscuit worth a damn, but was beginning to think perhaps my lack of deviled egg technique was an additional reason (plus, I married a Yankee!)

  3. Your eggs may be TOO fresh – buy eggs with deviled eggs in mind, then give them an extra few days in the fridge – older eggs peel MUCH easier.

  4. I’ve heard the older eggs thing but I find the room temperature idea interesting. I may have to try that..

  5. They still taste fine, that’s really all anyone cares about. (or maybe that’s just me and my love for deviled eggs??LOL)

  6. Try adding some salt or vinegar to the water. And by some I mean A LOT. And Lisa and Rachel are right, fresh eggs don’t peel as well. Good luck!

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