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Cheaper peepers

I have been wanting a new pair of glasses for a while.  My old pair (just a year old so not old old really) are pretty beat up already thanks to Zoe.  So I looked around online and found the site Eye Buy Direct.  I know there is that one site that has like $6 glasses but I’ve heard it can take weeks to get your glasses and that made me nervous.  Eye Buy Direct has glasses for less than $10 too and they ship much more quickly.  They have one of those things where you can upload a pic of yourself and try on glasses before you buy.  I found a cute pair of basic blacks.  Well, there are little stars on the side and they are far more subtle than I thought they’d be.  CSP said “Well, you aren’t 5 after all so I think subtle is good.”  Punk.  After I put in my Rx and chose all the non glare coatings etc, my total including shipping was only $37!  They came within a week.    Please forgive the quickie web cam pic.  I started shopping at Ebates so I got 7% back.  And if you use this code IF8TLMVGGD
then you’ll get 15% off your purchase!  Woot!   If we have some extra money left on our FSA card I have my eye on a couple more pairs.  Hey, glasses are accessories too!

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Little big of a brag

I read of Couponing to Disney how she writes to 5 different companies a day and they send her coupons.  So I tried it.  I emailed Dial about their soap.  CSP will only use white Dial soap.  Sure enough a couple days go by and look!  6 coupons arrived in the mail!  And not just for Dial, but for Purex and Soft Scrub too! 

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Talk derby to me

Charlotte Roller Girls
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I attended the season opener double header of the Charlotte Roller Girls.  It was a lot of fun!  Ever since I went to a bout last season with Christina, Gigi & Momo & Michelle have been wanting to go.  So I treated them for Gigi’s Mother’s Day present (Gigi & Momo- Michelle was on her own. 🙂 ).  First we met up with my friends Michelle and Lynda at the wonderful Crepe Cellar in NoDa.  Lynda’s cousins are the chef and pastry chef there!  They were so sweet and sent out an order of their Brie Pesto Fries  and Chili Shrimp  as appetizers.  SO YUMMY!  We noshed on those then ordered our dessert crepes.  Gigi and I both ordered the mascarpone and berries crepe and Momo ordered the Bananas Foster crepe. O.M.G.    I can’t even tell you how good they are.  I want one now.  I want one every single day.   We all had a great time enjoying our meal then we set out to the Grady Cole Center for the Derby!

Even with getting there right after they opened the doors it was still a challenge finding seats together.  It’s just so popular and sells out right away!  It really is a good entertainment value.  Only $10 a ticket for 4 hours of derby!  You pay $10 to see a 2 hour movie!  We got in and found seats and the action began.    Click to enlarge.  I love their cute little outfits.  Frilly skirts, fishnets, etc.    The halftime entertainment was this adorable band called School of Rock.  They were all teenagers and they could jam!  At one point one of the singers was this 17 year old boy.  His mom was sitting next to me.  He said “This one’s for the ladies” and sang “Let’s Get it On”!  In front of his mom!  So funny!  He was great though.

We all had a really fun time.  Michelle and Lynda left a little early to beat the traffic but that meant they missed the proposal!  I wish I’d still had my camera out!  One of the referees proposed to one of the skaters.  So sweet!   We left after that and stopped by IHOP for some late night grub before heading home.  You should check in your city and see if you have a roller derby!   Those girls are tough.  Like Nascar with no cars.  And on skates.  And girl in skirts.  Just go.

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DIY tasty stache

I wanted to make fun party favors for Shannon G’s baby shower so of course I decided to try something I’ve never done before and make chocolate lollipops.  I found a mustache mold online and bought the dark chocolate melts at Party City.  I melted the chocolate in the microwave and spooned it into the molds.   Then I popped them into the freezer for about 10-15 minutes after getting the air bubbles out.   I pulled them out of the freezer and they popped out of the mold really easily.  The mustaches were a little too wide for the treat bags I bought at  Party City but CSP had a good idea.  He cut the seam of the bag and then I taped the bag around the mustache.  I added pink ribbons and voila!  Displaying the pops was a bit of a challenge.   I had planned on using long lollipop sticks but the mold required short sticks.  So I cut my sticks in half.  I was going to get some styrofoam to poke the sticks in to. But CSP came up with another good idea.  Instead of buying styrofoam that I’d only use once why not stick them in rice and cover the rice with something.  I had some of those pearlized shreds so I put those on top of the rice.  Turned out cute!  And yummy! 

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Fabulous prizes

I wanted to give out good prizes at Shannon G’s baby shower while staying on a budget.  Most baby shower planning sites said just go to the Dollar Store and grab some things and throw them in a bag.  I don’t want stuff from the Dollar Store (unless I need something specific) so why would I give Dollar Store stuff out as prizes?  I knew my friend Christina would have a great idea for me and sure enough she came through.  She told me about these really cute things at Bath and Body Works called PocketBacs. Tiny little anti-bacterial gel bottles.  She told me they have cute little holders too.  So I bought a bunch of the PocketBacs and holders in various flavors and colors.  They also have these adorable tiny candles- bigger than a tealight and maybe votive sized, but in its own container.   I bought a bunch of those in various scents to go with the PocketBacs. Island Margarita is especially yummy smelling.  I lucked out with a coupon and free shipping and of course I went through Ebates so I made 3% back on the purchase.  So for the same amount I would have spent for Dollar Store variety bags I was able to give adorable, useful prizes.   When the box arrived everything smelled so good I had a hard time giving them up!   I went ahead and put the gels into their little holders and paired them up with a candle then put it all in a themed goody bag and tied it with pink ribbon.   Everyone seemed to really like the prizes.  I was very pleased!

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I heart a good deal- Valentines for 10 cents!

Saw this deal on my Couponing to Disney email.  Went to the original blog and checked it out.  SUPER CUTE.  Then had a Valentine photo session of my own with the pugs.  They don’t have fists and we don’t send candy out with our Valentines but I think ours turned out just as cute.  And since they are FREE they are even cuter!  Sorry, but I can’t show our cards until Valentine’s Day.  I don’t think CSP’s Gramy in Minnesota has the internet, but just in case, I don’t want to ruin the surprise.

The details:

  • Click Here & Login or Sign-up for See Here
  • Click on “Photo Cards” then on “Photo Card, 4×8″
  • Pick Your Design (I found one under “Wedding” to customize)
  • Create your card & order 25 cards
  • Use promo code 25cards to get your order FREE
  • Just pay $2.49 in shipping!

See Here participates with Ebates so if you buy anything else, be sure to start your shopping at Ebates to get 12% back!  You can’t beat this deal! If you create some, lemme see them!