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Mother’s Day Weekend

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day Weekend!   Friday CSP & I had our adoption physicals.  They took longer than I thought they would & included blood draws.  Sorry CSP, didn’t read the fine print on that form!  Saturday CSP took his mom to the baseball game for some Mother’s Day time together.  He dropped me off at Shannon’s house on the way.  We had Chinese food & played with Emily.  Shannon & Emily!Good grief I love that kid. Sweetie Emily! She kills me she is so funny!  She says the funniest, sweetest things. Apparently I’ve been upgraded to “best fwiend” status.  She was crawling all over me and we just had the best time.

CSP picked me up and on the way home we stopped in at Walmart to pick up some pug food.  We went in the entrance by the bakery and I saw these hilarious cakes for sale!  WHO would pay money for these???  They were all in the Mother’s Day case.  Really?  Happy Mother’s Day Mom!  Here’s a turdmonster cake! Ridiculous looking cake! With tiny poo trails! Ugly cakeClick to enlarge the beauty that are these cakes! Ugly cake Wouldn’t you want to pay $15 for this? ugly cake Nothing says Mother’s Day like death roses1 Nothing says Mother's Day like death roses Stay gold, Pony Boy. ugly cake I couldn’t believe all these cakes were in one place! It was a cake wreck jackpot!  While at Walmart I started feeling weird.  Dizzy and sweaty.  Had to sit down for a while in the shoe department before we could leave.  Weird.

Sunday  I woke up feeling weird again and had some issues that made me run a little behind in meeting up with the family.  We all met up for lunch to celebrate Gigi.  After lunch we visited some friends then took the boys out for ice cream.  Kids and ice cream crack me up.  What a fun mess! Joey enjoying his ice cream. Jacob is getting so big! So handsome! Jacob's growing up so fast! Joey wanted to show me his teeth. Ha! Joey wanted to show me his teeth. After ice cream we parted ways. Gigi & I picked up a movie on the way home. What a waste! We suffered through Couple’s Retreat. Even the delightful cast couldn’t save this wreck of a movie!  After the movie I started feeling poorly again so I left just as they were preparing dinner.  I made it home and a couple hours later is when all the fun really started.  Stay tuned!

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  1. Oooo, we got Couples Retreat in the mail today, but maybe I will save myself from the pain of it. I rented several other movies at Redbox in case I need more entertainment on my day off tomorrow!


    1. Dude, I’m telling you, it was PAINFUL to watch! I tweeted about it and it went on my FB page. Like 9-10 other people agreed wholeheartedly that it was just BAAAAD. Save yourself that 2 hours and watch something else. ANYTHING else!


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