Downward spiral

Sunday night (Mother’s Day night), CSP, the pugs, and I went up to bed.  I wasn’t feeling all that hot but didn’t think much of it.  Until I woke up and had to race to the bathroom to throw up.  Now, if you don’t want to hear any more about this kind of stuff, come back in a week or so and I’ll be talking about other stuff.  I stayed in the bathroom all night long dealing with vomit & other issues I don’t want to put in print.   These things kept happening to me all night, all day Monday, all night Monday night, all day Tuesday.  I couldn’t keep a thing down.  Not even water.  I started getting really shaky and weak.  I lost all my strength.  I could barely make it to the bathroom from the bed.  I started to get scared.  I’d never felt this way.  Tuesday night CSP was at work.  I was STILL spending 99% of my time in the bathroom losing fluids.  Still couldn’t eat, couldn’t drink, hadn’t slept.  It got to the point where when I’d stand up I felt like I was going to pass out.  I was really light headed.  I called the nurses line through my insurance company and told her my symptoms.  She said I needed to get to the ER right away, that I had gone too long without keeping fluids in my system.  CSP was at work.  I was home alone.  It was 10pm ish. I thought about driving myself to the ER but getting dressed I fell down so I knew I couldn’t operate a vehicle.  I called Gigi and told her what was up.  She said call 911 & she’d meet me at the hospital.  I called CSP too.  He was working at a store an hour away and was walking out the door.

The ambulance came.  I had put Zoe in her crate and waited for the EMTs outside.  I didn’t want the pugs going nuts with all the people in the house and possibly getting out.  I sat on the tailgate of CSP’s truck and waited for the EMTs.  It only took a couple minutes until a firetruck and an ambulance pulled up.  It was so weird feeling.  My neighbors came outside and stared.  That felt awkward.  There were about 10 men all the sudden surrounding me.  They figured out what was going on and the firemen left.  The EMTs, Chip & Phil (felt like Disney sent them!), helped me into the ambulance.  Phil drove and Chip attended to me.  Felt like it took a week to get to the hospital.  I’d never been in an ambulance before.  I felt very alone and I was scared.   Chip hooked me up to an EKG, took some blood, and took my vitals while we were en route.  We pulled up to the hospital and they rolled me right in to the emergency room, bypassing the lobby.  No multi hour wait for me!  They put me right into an exam room.  I put on a gown and they took my vitals.  Meanwhile I was STILL having those gastro issues I told you about earlier.  A nurse tried to walk me to the restroom but I was too weak.

Gigi arrived just as they were putting in my IV.  Man, that girl was rough.  She was so rough that Gigi almost threw up watching her. I’ve had many IVs but this one hurt like a motha.  They had to take blood twice because I was so dehydrated that my blood came out clotted the first go. Still having issues, by the way.  It was embarrassing.  I’m a girlie girl.  I don’t mind people taking care of me when I need it but I sure don’t like people having to clean up after me and my issues.  CSP arrived and once they hooked me up to an IV and took all the blood for tests Gigi went home.  She knew at that point I was in good hands.Waiting for blood test results. So tired. They kept me all night on the IV, pumping fluids and meds into me. Anti nausea meds, anti diarrhea meds.  Tuesday night meant night 3 of no sleep.  They sent us home in the early morning.  We stopped at CVS for meds and pedialite.  We hoped for the best. We hoped that my issues would stop and that soon I’d be able to keep some liquids down.

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  1. It sucks when you have to get an IV and you are dehydrated – the poor nurse just can’t find the vein because you are so poorly dehydrated. I’m sorry this happened. What’s the verdict? A stomach bug? Hope you’re feeling better!!


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