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Cinco de Mayo!

We spent our Cinco de Mayo running some errands.  Kiki had her follow up appointment  to make sure her eye has healed nicely.  It has.  Yay! Father & daughter at Kiki's follow up vet visit. Kiki did so well that we took her for a doggy sundae at Bruster’s. They are free and so cute! Doggie sundae from Bruster's Kiki LOVES the sundaes! Kiki enjoying her doggie sundae from Bruster's After the vet & ice cream we stopped by Papa & Gigi’s house.  Momo was all dressed up.  When I asked why she said “Duh, Shanny, it’s Cinco de Mayo!” Momo looked so pretty on her way to Cinco de Mayo festivities. Wow, what was I thinking?  What with us being Irish and all it totally slipped my mind to celebrate our Mexican heritage.  Look at my sweet Momo, all grown up! Muy Bonita!

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