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Marketer’s Dream

That’s what CSP calls me.  Let an infomercial run on tv and I’m reaching for the phone.  I’ve never actually ordered anything off the tv but I’ve been verrrrry tempted on many occasions.  Not only do I fall in love with the products, but the infomercials themselves.  LOVE all the crazy people in the ads who can’t manage to boil pasta or crack an egg without seriously maiming themselves.  Sometimes I’ll get lucky and find these As Seen on TV displays in Target or CVS.  I found the ShamWow at Target and was so excited to pick that up.  My latest gadget obsession is a reacher grabber thingie.  I’m short (in comparison to CSP).  He’s 6 feet 5 and I’m 5 feet 7.  He forgets this and likes to put things up so high you could get a nosebleed getting them back down.  He seems to think that our short little step stool is all I need but it’s so not.  I’ve dreamt of a reacher grabber thingie for years.  CSP thinks I’m just caught up in all the glamour of the infomercial.  But I’m not in a trance, I swear!