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Over it!

So I’ve shared a bunch of things with you that I J’adore, and now I’m going to share with you some things that I am just OVER.

  • High Heels.  I have a few that I’ve kept in my closet for wedding emergencies and what not but I’m just done.  I’ve finally gotten to the point/age that I just can’t put fashion over comfort.  Luckily Crocs makes some really cute styles that I can even wear at weddings!  Woot!
  • Jennifer Aniston as THE VICTIM and Angelina Jolie as THE VILLAINa.   America, here’s the deal.  It’s been like 5+ years and a baker’s dozen worth of kids since Brad & Jen broke up.  I know you all feel sorry for Jen that her marriage failed.  I do too.  It sucks.  Since then Angelina hasn’t been running around trying to break up marriages.  She’s still with Brad. I’m not a part of their relationship but it really does seem like they genuinely love each other and the life they have made together.  Plus, they are parents to adopted kids so that earns them bonus points in my book.  And guess what?  Jen is JUST FINE.  She is wealthy beyond words, has good friends, constantly appears in movies, and has since dated a bunch of very handsome men.  She’s fine.  She’s currently canoodling with Gerard Butler people. YUM. I don’t feel sorry for her one bit.  I would, however, like for her to change up her hair.  She’s had the same hair forever!
  • American Idol. I knew I’d quit watching it after this season since Simon is leaving, but this season has just been boring to me. Even with Ellen (who I LOVE) it’s just lost it’s oomph. So, I’m done.
  • Keeping Same Sex Couples From Adopting.   America…sigh.  Really?  I can’t believe it is 2010 and I have to talk to you about this.  Here’s the thing America.  There are SO many children in foster care who need parents.  For some reason the overall idea that the American people have in their heads is that adoption is for either the rich or infertile.  SO not true.  Even if your ovaries are a burstin’ you can still adopt.  It’s true!  It’s not a myth!  But I digress, it seems America also seems to think that adoption and foster care is also only for heterosexual people.  Why?  Let me tell you something America.  You have no right, NO RIGHT, to tell people, qualified, loving people, that they can’t be parents to the parentless unless you are prepared and willing to parent those children yourself.  There was a same sex couple in our adoption classes and they are going to make amazing parents!  They are loving, generous people who are so excited about being parents.  The fact that they are a same sex couple has no bearing on their parenting skills whatsoever.  It blows my mind that the Washington DC Catholic church would rather put an end to their social services program (including adoption) than let same sex couples adopt.  Insane.  Isn’t a loving home with 2 moms or dads better than no loving home?

6 thoughts on “Over it!”

  1. SO agree!!!!!!! I haven’t watched Idol in YEARS. And AMEN to the same sex couples!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can I add:
    I’m fairly over facebook though it’s now a way of life.


  2. Word to all of the above! May I add Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga to the list. Totally don’t get either one of them. Also over people who use the word “I” incorrectly e.g. Susan and I are going to the store. Nails on a chalkboard!! Back to music…someone needs to explain the popularity of the Black Eyed Peas to me. I’m guess I’m an old cranky woman now–and I’m not really that old. Oh–and I’m also extremely over all the hateful political stuff going on. People need to get over themselves and just live their lives without interfering with mine. Mmmmkay? One thing I’m not over however, is Anderson Cooper–can I get a witness on that one?! Love!! He’s on my “list” by the way.


    1. OMG YES on Miley Cyrus! Gah, her voice just talking is terrible. Makes my ears bleed. Oh, and I loooove Anderson Cooper. Want to put him in my pocket.


  3. I’m over Idol too. I wish we could get a do over this year, just start all over please.


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