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The List

Do you have a list?  A list of people (usually famous) that you and your spouse/life partner have agreed could have relations with your spouse/life partner and you would let it slide.  I had a dream, you know the kind, about Antonio Ballatore.  I woke up feeling appropriately ashamed. If you don’t know Antonio, he’s the most recent winner of HGTV’s Design Star show and now he has his own show, The Antonio Treatment.  Some of you may be surprised that I have a crush on him as you may not think he’s my type.  But I don’t really have a type.  I find many different types of men attractive.

Anyway,  CSP & I had never had the “List” conversation, until last night.

Hey Honey, are there any celebs you’d want to put on your freebie list?

Jeesh, what are you reading now?  Did some magazine tell you to ask me this?

No, just tell me.  If you could have a freebie little love romp with some celebrity, who would it be?

What?  Gross! Nobody!

So if Salma Hayek came to the door right now and wanted to get it on with you, and I’d let it slide, you wouldn’t go for it?

No way!

What about Supernanny?  You like her.

Not like that!

Well who do you like like that?

Nobody! Stop talking!

I talked to Gigi about it today and she said that Papa had never heard of the List either and was equally as horrified.

So, do you have a list?

11 thoughts on “The List”

  1. Umm, yes. Bon Jovi is totally at the top of my list. And when he delivered pizza to some unsuspecting family on Oprah one night driving his 1970 Chevelle, I finally understood swooning. I’ll also throw Kenny Chesney, Matthew McConaughey and Tommy Lee Jones on my list. Matt’s a party boy and Kenny is uber short, but they’re oh, so hot. Tommy Lee Jones, no, he’s not GQ hot, but I love his ruggedness.

    Will doesn’t want to play, but I think I remember him googly over Mandy Moore once.


  2. Oh of course I have a list! Dave Matthews has been on it for about 15 years, which should indicate that if I even had a remote chance, B can just stay home and eat Ramen that night. The rest often rotate between Jason Statham, Henry Rollins, Ewan McGregor, Ed Harris, Seal, Taye Diggs, Ryan Reynolds, Jemaine Clement, and Alexander Skaarsgard (sp?). I am an equal opportunity lister.

    B would “hold naked, but not have sex with” (um, whatever) Mila Jovovich, Sara Ramirez, Salma Hayek, and Joss Stone. He says I am number five because in his mind I am a superstar. Again, whatever.


    1. I must admit, the “hold naked, but not have sex with ” made me snort a little. I *puffy heart* B (and you, too).

      You are a supastah and there is no way I’d ever put you as #5 on my list. Just sayin’.

      And I’m with Deb…if Bon Jovi came a’ knockin’, Will better suck it up and head to Deb’s to have Ramen with B.


  3. I have a list! LOL Nick Lachey, Kevin James, Shamar Moore, Cal Ripkin and Tim McGraw! As you can see from my list I have no TYPE what-so-ever!


  4. Yes we have lists.. my husband is in love with Alyssa Milano.. not sure why.. lol I am sure he has a few more on there.

    But me?? Jensen Ackles, Jason Statham, McSteamy, and I am drawing a blank right now… still early here lol


  5. How could they have not have heard of The List? There is an episode of “Friends” about The List that was hysterical. Hubby used to adore Sandra Bullock, while my #1 is Johnny Depp. Yum!


  6. I have a short list.
    Troy Aikman, and that’s about it.
    The funny thing is, last summer I met Troy in person and was completely underwhelmed! I guess I had made too much of him in my mind….so I guess maybe I really don’t have a list anymore. Although, if Brad Pitt came a-knockin’ I guess I would answer the door! 🙂


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