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He’s like a 6 foot tall baby, learning about the world

Christina asked in the last posts’ comments “How can they not know about The List?”  Girl, you would not believe all the things Papa doesn’t know about.  Or at least, things he didn’t know about until his life with us.  He will be 60 years old next month and he’s only learned about these things in the last decade.

  • Sharpies.  Up until a few years ago Papa didn’t know what people were talking about when they mentioned a Sharpie.  He knew what markers were, had heard the word “Sharpie”, had seen people use them, but never actually knew that a Sharpie is a marker.
  • Tuna in a can. In the early 00s we had a huge ice storm that knocked out power to most everyone in the Charlotte area for weeks.  CSP & I were living in our first house which had a wood burning fireplace.  Papa, Gigi & Momo came over to keep warm.  I was figuring out dinner (no small task when you have no power or restaurants) and I decided on tuna fish sandwiches.  Papa: Where are you keeping it?  What’s in that can?  The man didn’t realize that tuna for sandwiches came from a can. He had never made tuna salad before. He had seen it at restaurants and delis, but he actually thought they made the tuna salad from leftover tuna from the fresh slab of fish. He was wondering where we had been keeping an actual tuna.
  • Dollar Tree.  This is the most recent discovery.  Until just a couple weeks ago Papa had never stepped foot inside a dollar store.  Gigi needed to pick up a couple things while her & Papa were out so they stopped in.  Papa could. Not. Believe. It.  He RAN up and down the aisles:  OH MY GOSH!  THEY HAVE CLOOOOTHES!  FOR A DOLLAR!  CLEANING SUPPLIES!  A DOLLAR!  Baby, I love this place!  I wish they’d build one next door to our house!

3 thoughts on “He’s like a 6 foot tall baby, learning about the world”

  1. One of my brother’s friends swears he never had pizza until he met my brother. He was an American in his late 20’s. I was initially convinced he was lying, but after getting to know him better, it probably was true. But still REALLY weird!!! We don’t have a list at our house. Maybe because my frying pan is a heavy cast iron one.


  2. My Dad was also thrilled by the dollar store the first time they went. He kept asking my mom, how much is this? How much is that? She finally said, IT’S ALL A DOLLAR. IT’S THE DOLLAR STORE! Before it actually sank in! HA HA HA HA


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