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A pen & paper never looked so good

One of the many things that suck when your phone dies is that you lose information.  Luckily I had backed up my Blackberry to my home computer.  What’s not so lucky is that I had to use a 3rd party app (that I had to pay for) to be able to back up my Blackberry to my computer.  This app was full of bugs and often it would error out and would not sync.  So, Blackberry dies.  Fast forward a few weeks and I’m starting to realize a lot of the information that I’m missing.  Like dates I’d put in my calendar on my phone that wouldn’t sync to the computer.  Like the doctor’s appointment I missed last week while I was in the mountains.  I’d forgotten all about it because I’d scheduled it quite a few weeks ago.  On my phone.  Which wouldn’t sync to the computer.  Ugh. I’m also missing all my lists.  Lists of books I want to read, movies I want to see, quotes I liked.  Photos taken with my Blackberry.  All gone.  Mainly because the app I mentioned above didn’t quite jive with all the apps on the phone so there were some things that just would not sync no matter what.

One of the things I really miss is a text Morgan sent me one day.  I’d asked her something to which she replied “No!  Geez la weez!”  I thought that was so cute!  I didn’t correct her.  I guess she doesn’t realize that people are saying Jeez, Louise.  I guess now I’ll just have to carry that little bit of childlike talk from an almost grown woman around in my head from now on.  I wish I could sync my head.

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Rotten berry

While we were in Vegas last month my Blackberry Curve died a terrible death.  It was only 14 months old! Dead blackberry I had plugged it in and gone to bed. I woke up in the middle of the night and picked it up to use it as a night light to get me to the restroom. I got into the restroom and turned the phone around and looked at the screen. Where all the icons should have been was just a big white screen with a box. Inside the box was a triangle, circle, & a square. Around the box was the ghostbusters symbol. blurb_300px-Ghostbusters_logo_20090406 I tried to turn it off. I pressed all the keys. NOTHING worked. The screen stayed white with that bizarre symbol. While pressing buttons the trackball fell out and rolled across the floor. Well, once the little trackball is gone you can’t use the Blackberry at all! The only think that worked was pulling out the battery.
When we got home I took the phone to the cell phone place and asked the rep if it could be fixed. She took one look at it and declared it dead beyond repair. She said she’d never seen that screen before. This makes 3 broken Blackberry phones in the last 2 years. They all just up and died mysterious deaths! My first Blackberry lasted me over 2 years but then one day just wouldn’t charge anymore. Took it in and nothing could be done for it. Then my first Curve did the same thing when it was just a month old. Now this. Safe to say I will never give Blackberry another dime of my money.


Winner, winner, get free dinner

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unknownHey …

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Secret Identity

underdogCSP is my husband.  He is a wonderful, loving, funny, amazing man.  He is also very, very shy.  Another one of his attributes is that he’s extremely safety conscious.  Hence his nickname Captain Safety Pants, CSP for short.  He doesn’t like for me to use his real name on the internet for safety reasons so I was lucky that Susan came up with CSP.  If you’ve read this blog for a while you’re probably more used to CSP than his birth name.  Which rhymes with John.  A lot.  🙂

Remember at the beginning of the last paragraph when I told you CSP is shy?  Keep that in mind.  He came home from work the other day and was getting things out of the car when a neighbor spotted him.  The neighbor we’re talking about is Sabrina.  I adore Sabrina.  She battled breast cancer last year and won.  She is incredibly outgoing and positive.  She also is NOT the quiet type.  I think she scares CSP a little.  She also is my Pampered Chef rep so go buy things from her!

Sabrina and CSP  had a brief conversation then CSP came inside.  He never told me about it.  The reason I know is because when I was speaking with Sabrina a couple days later she mentioned it.

Sabrina: Did CSP (insert real name here) tell you about our conversation the other day?

Me:  No he didn’t.

Sabrina:  Well I was in my yard and I saw him so I waved and called out to him.  (she kept talking as she walked across the street  toward him.  Keep in mind she’s NOT QUIET and CSP is a big fan of quiet)

HEY CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS!  HOW YOU DOING CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS?? I bet you’re wondering how I know that you’re CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS huh?  It’s because I’m one of Shanny’s followers on Facebook CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS!  She’s so funny calling you CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS!  I just love reading all the little things she writes on Facebook about her and CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS!

Then she said to me “Then he just said he had to go inside and ran in so fast!  Wonder what that was all about?  Anyway, …” and we continued our conversation.  Well, as soon as I could catch my breath.

When we hung up I asked CSP about it and why didn’t he tell me?

CSP: Because, she JUST KEPT SAYING CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS.  I don’t ever want to talk about it again.

Lucky for him I certainly don’t mind talking about it! 😀

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This is Sam.  Sam is approximately 16 years old (he’s a rescue so he could be older.)  Sam is the family dog.  He lives with Papa, Gigi, Momo, & Roger the cat on a cul-de-sac.  Sam has gone deaf, he has a seizure disorder, has cataracts, & is pretty senile. Sammy chillaxin at the mountain house He also has a routine.  Every day he starts off his day by prancing around to every house in the cul-de-sac.  All of the neighbors there are friends with my parents.  They all hang out together, chat in the cul-de-sac, etc.  They all know & love Sam &  accept his eccentric behavior.  When Sam prances over to a neighbor’s house he tries every door til he finds one open then he’ll go in for  a visit.  Get a little treat, drink of water, some loving, then go on his way to the next house.

After visiting all the houses in the cul-de-sac he crosses the street to the neighborhood park.  He likes to trot up and down the nature trails, check out the pond, chase squirrels.  A couple hours later he’ll make his way back to the cul-de-sac & go through his visiting routine again, popping in to everyone’s house, saying hello.  He sees more of the neighbors on any given day than my parents do.  When he sees a car that belongs to one of his people (Papa, Gigi, or Momo), he’ll prance over to say hello & go in the house.

The other day Momo came home from school & Sam trotted over to see her.  She scooped him up & took him inside to Papa’s office.

M: Papa, look at Sam.

P:  Hey Sam!  Sweet boy!

M: No Papa, LOOK at him. Continue reading “Raider”

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Fun mail alert!

All the Blogiversary prizes have been mailed out!  Check your mailboxes in a few days (longer for those of you living in other countries) for sparkly jewels!   Hope you enjoy your presents.  Can’t wait to see pics of you sporting your goodies on your blogs!

And if you didn’t win this time….stay tuned.  I have a fabulous give away coming soon for you office supply lovers!


El Superbeasto

unknown One of CSP’s favorite dudes is Rob Zombie. Rob Zombie’s got his new movie Halloween 2 out right now, but it’s his upcoming movie that we’re most excited about.  It’s an animated film, The Haunted World of El Superbeasto featuring the voices of Paul Giamatti, Rosario Dawson, Sheri Moon Zombie, Tom Papa, and Brian Posehn.

Rob Zombie Presents – The Haunted World of El Superbesto RedBand Trailer

Rob Zombie Presents – The Haunted World of El Superbesto “Halloween Clip”

Worldwide premiere On-Demand and on Pay-Per-View September 7th, 2009.  In theaters September 12th and available on DVD and Blu-ray September 22nd. Visit the official movie website at for more information about the movie, clips, photos, and more!

I love the cast & can’t wait to see it!