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This is Sam.  Sam is approximately 16 years old (he’s a rescue so he could be older.)  Sam is the family dog.  He lives with Papa, Gigi, Momo, & Roger the cat on a cul-de-sac.  Sam has gone deaf, he has a seizure disorder, has cataracts, & is pretty senile. Sammy chillaxin at the mountain house He also has a routine.  Every day he starts off his day by prancing around to every house in the cul-de-sac.  All of the neighbors there are friends with my parents.  They all hang out together, chat in the cul-de-sac, etc.  They all know & love Sam &  accept his eccentric behavior.  When Sam prances over to a neighbor’s house he tries every door til he finds one open then he’ll go in for  a visit.  Get a little treat, drink of water, some loving, then go on his way to the next house.

After visiting all the houses in the cul-de-sac he crosses the street to the neighborhood park.  He likes to trot up and down the nature trails, check out the pond, chase squirrels.  A couple hours later he’ll make his way back to the cul-de-sac & go through his visiting routine again, popping in to everyone’s house, saying hello.  He sees more of the neighbors on any given day than my parents do.  When he sees a car that belongs to one of his people (Papa, Gigi, or Momo), he’ll prance over to say hello & go in the house.

The other day Momo came home from school & Sam trotted over to see her.  She scooped him up & took him inside to Papa’s office.

M: Papa, look at Sam.

P:  Hey Sam!  Sweet boy!

M: No Papa, LOOK at him.

Around Sam’s neck, the neck that had visited EVERY one of my parents’ neighbors & friends that day, the neck that had spent just about ALL day out in the neighborhood attached to the head that surely got tons of pats & scratches behind the ears, around that neck…worn proudy through the leg hole, was a pair of my mother’s panties.

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    1. She is horrified! Papa called her at work to tell her. So she spent the rest of the day worried if they were old ratty panties & who all saw them! Bahaha!


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  1. Oh no! Hahahahaha Your poor mom. 🙂 Just smile and go with the flow.

    My dad threw his hockey gear in the dryer while there was still laundry in it one time and later at hockey when he was getting changed one of the guys noticed a pair of fancy black thongs stuck to it. Dad was mortified when he found out later they were mine! oops!


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