In focus

Last night I went to my first focus group. It was for Carolina Pad, the same company that sponsored my Hot Chocolate giveaway. We were there for 2 hours discussing notebook design and functionality. For our time we each received $30 and a cute gift set of products. It was fun and who doesn’t love swag?! You know I love office supplies so I can certainly chat about them. I hope to do some more of these soon!

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Good golly, Miss Mally

I am all about the lotions and potions and all fun beauty products. I’m interested in checking out this new line. Mally Roncal is known for her amazing ability to bring out any woman’s “inner diva” with her high-performance beauty products and techniques, working with famous faces like Angelina Jolie, Beyonce, and Jennifer Lopez. After taking the red carpet by storm, Mally unveils her signature Mally Beauty Fragrance, available for the first time on QVC. Developed from the Sampaguita flower from the Phillipines, Mally has created a clean, fresh, and romantic scent with a dash of mystery. Top it off with her Volumizing mascara or Evercolor Starlight Waterproof eyeliner and you’re red carpet ready! Visit Mally online at

Mally Fragrance Video

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Stars in the making

Last February I recorded a little video of CSP playing with our pug puppy Zoe. It’s really cute so I uploaded to America’s Funniest Home Videos in July. Well I received an email from AFV at the beginning of October that they want it on the show. So we filled out a stack of release forms and sent them in. I just heard that our video will be on America’s Funniest Home Videos in January! Most likely the 17th but I’m to check back with them in early January to confirm.
I’d show you the video but AFV has you take the video off the web until after the show.
CSP, in his pajamas, playing with Zoe, on national Television! So excited!!!

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I know I’m a walking commercial, but this is seriously good stuff and sharing is caring

If you own a BlackBerry or iPhone you need to get this app. I downloaded it the other day and it has already earned a spot on my first page of apps. What it does is lets you message between other iPhone or bberry users. Kind of like texting and/or instant messaging. But free. And you don’t need to set up a buddy list or log in. The app can tell if your friend has the app (as long as you have their phone number in your contact list/address book). Then pick the person you want to message and you’re good to go. It does push notices and landscape typing. Mainly it saves you $$ on texting! Love it!
I got I the other day and it was free but now it’s 99 cents in the App Store. It will be well worth your dollar. If you get it let me know and we’ll chat!


Comped Cinema

Because we are loyal customers, Directv has given us 3 free months of Showtime. We’ve been watching some movies lately. Now I shall tell you about them.

•Bound – love Jennifer Tilly. Gina Gershon is bad ass.
•Lara Croft, Tomb Raider- love Angelina Jolie. It was weird watching Angelina speak with a British accent while Daniel Craig spoke like an American. Fun movie.
•Margot at the Wedding- You’d think with the cast of Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Jack Black that this movie wouldn’t be such a waste of 90 minutes. You’d think that, but you’d be wrong. Wrong and annoyed that such a stupid, boring movie could be made.
•Charlie Bartlett- Hope Davis and Robert Downey Jr are fabulous in this. Fell in love with the kid who plays Charlie Bartlett. Delightful movie.
•Good Luck Chuck – Jessica Alba is cute as can be. And i love penguins. That’s the end of the good things I can say about this movie. This movie confirms my desire to never see or hear Dane Cook speak again.

That’s it so far. There Will be Blood is supposed to record soon. I drink your milkshake!

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Out of touch

Dear Internets & Bloggy friends,
Our computer died so now the only access I have to email & the world wide web is my iPhone. And while I adore my iPhone, it is small. Too small for blog reading. I mean, it can be done but it is robbing my eye sight & is painfully slow to load. Also, it seems that not all of my emails are coming through to my phone. So if you don’t hear from me blame Steve Jobs at Apple. Once we can replace the computer (in a month or so. A Month or so of tortuous, no interwebs he’ll on Earth) then I will be able to catch back up on my blog reading & quality blog posting.
Till then you can send me messages via WhatsApp chat if you’re on an iPhone or you can take your chances with email. Plus there’s Facebook & Twitter.

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The Irish hit the high seas

For the last few months I’ve been planning a trip to see my 86 year old Irish grandma, Nanny. Nanny lives in Florida in the town where I was born. She’s been feeling a little restless lately and told me she’d like to go on a cruise. Unfortunately a cruise was just not in the budget. But I told her I’d look up some cruises online anyway. Thankfully our eMac didn’t die until after I did my research. I knew we’d want to sail out of Tampa or Port Canaveral, both easy drives from Nanny’s house. Nanny wanted to cruise in November along the same time line that I would have been visiting her. So I looked for a 3-5 day cruise. People, I hit the jackpot! I found a Royal Caribbean 4 night cruise to Nassau & Coco Cay for just $139 each! When you add taxes & port charges it came out to $207 each. That’s just $52 a night! You can’t get a decent hotel room for $52 a day! And my “hotel” comes with 3 meals, entertainment, and takes me to islands!
I’m excited. Nanny & I haven’t cruised together since I was 15, and that cruise included our entire family. This time it will just be her & I. I’m really looking forward to it. I’ll spend a couple days with her in Florida before & after the cruise. Then I’ll be home with a week to get ready to host Thanksgiving at my house. Busy month ahead!

*** I found the cruise deal at but it was a Royal Caribbean deal. I know that part of the reason it’s so cheap is that we’re sailing during an off time. 2 weeks before Thanksgiving & all the kids are in school. Plus it was a last minute thing. I’m sure there are cabins available if you’d like to join us!

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After Ellie’s birthday party I fought race traffic going home, freshened up, brushed off all the hay, fought more race traffic, and finally made it uptown to dinner with the girls. I’m writing this on my iPhone so I don’t know how to link to anything from here, be patient with me.
We met up at Rock Bottom for a yummy dinner. Susan, Shannon HG, Jenny, & Sarah- who had flown in from AZ for the weekend. After dinner and a fabulous Caribbean margarita we piled in my car & went to Howl at the Moon. Howl is a dueling piano bar. I’d never been to one before. SO fun! We got there early & scored a great table. People write requests for songs & send them up to the pianists with $$. Then we all sing along. Let me tell you, I’m not a bar girl. I can not tolerate cigarrette smoke. I don’t like yelling at people when trying to make conversation. But this place? This place I love! It didn’t get too smoky. It’s loud, but fun loud. The musicians are really, really talented & funny. I can’t wait to go back! By the time I got home I’d lost my voice from all the yelling & singing & laughing. So worth it. We had the best time & it was so great to spend time with my girls!

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Cowgirl up

Saturday I went to Ellie’s birthday party. Ellie lives next door to me & turned 7. She asked me if I’d paint faces at her party. Absolutely! The party was held at a local horse stables. There were pony rides & a maze & after cake we went on a hayride. My first ever. They aren’t kidding about the hay. You sit on it in a big wooden crate thing pulled by a tractor. It was all fun & games until we got stuck going up a hill & all the daddies had to push us the rest of the way up the hill. Good thing we were packing muscle.
The kids were all adorable. One boy asked for a giant eye ball on his cheek. Another asked for a 3 leaf clover & a leprechaun. I obliged the wee lad. I told one girl she was my last customer when the party was over. She eyed me and said “Where do YOU have to go?”. Indeed.