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Secret Identity

underdogCSP is my husband.  He is a wonderful, loving, funny, amazing man.  He is also very, very shy.  Another one of his attributes is that he’s extremely safety conscious.  Hence his nickname Captain Safety Pants, CSP for short.  He doesn’t like for me to use his real name on the internet for safety reasons so I was lucky that Susan came up with CSP.  If you’ve read this blog for a while you’re probably more used to CSP than his birth name.  Which rhymes with John.  A lot.  🙂

Remember at the beginning of the last paragraph when I told you CSP is shy?  Keep that in mind.  He came home from work the other day and was getting things out of the car when a neighbor spotted him.  The neighbor we’re talking about is Sabrina.  I adore Sabrina.  She battled breast cancer last year and won.  She is incredibly outgoing and positive.  She also is NOT the quiet type.  I think she scares CSP a little.  She also is my Pampered Chef rep so go buy things from her!

Sabrina and CSP  had a brief conversation then CSP came inside.  He never told me about it.  The reason I know is because when I was speaking with Sabrina a couple days later she mentioned it.

Sabrina: Did CSP (insert real name here) tell you about our conversation the other day?

Me:  No he didn’t.

Sabrina:  Well I was in my yard and I saw him so I waved and called out to him.  (she kept talking as she walked across the street  toward him.  Keep in mind she’s NOT QUIET and CSP is a big fan of quiet)

HEY CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS!  HOW YOU DOING CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS?? I bet you’re wondering how I know that you’re CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS huh?  It’s because I’m one of Shanny’s followers on Facebook CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS!  She’s so funny calling you CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS!  I just love reading all the little things she writes on Facebook about her and CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS!

Then she said to me “Then he just said he had to go inside and ran in so fast!  Wonder what that was all about?  Anyway, …” and we continued our conversation.  Well, as soon as I could catch my breath.

When we hung up I asked CSP about it and why didn’t he tell me?

CSP: Because, she JUST KEPT SAYING CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS.  I don’t ever want to talk about it again.

Lucky for him I certainly don’t mind talking about it! 😀

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  1. HA HA HA…i can just see the look on CSP’s face! He must have been absolutely mortified! He’ll never be able to look Sabrina in the face again!!!


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