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As you know, the iPhone comes with Apps.  And the App store on iTunes is so FULL of cool, useful apps.  And a lot of them are free!  Which is fabulous because I am not a fan of paying for something I might not like.

One of my favorite apps is Card Star. mzl.lbzxupbm.100x100-75 It is so awesome!  Card Star is a member card manager.  Like your CVS card and Petco card, etc.  You input your card numbers.  Then when you go to the store you don’t have to take your card.  You just scan your iPhone! CardStar Genius! No more rifling through the stack asking the store clerk “what color is this store’s card?”, no taking up a bunch of space in your purse/wallet with a stack of cards.  Genius I say!  I used it for the first time in the mountains last week.  Worked like a charm!  Lots of oohs and ahhs from the store employees.

Another app that I loved being able to use in the mountains is the Directv app.  I didn’t realize that some shows I was interested in watching were having their season premieres but we were away and I’d forgotten to set the dvr.  It was so easy!  I just pulled up that night’s schedule and boom!  Community was being recorded that night.  I was so excited to get home and see that it had worked!  Brilliant!tip_trick_iphone_lg

My list of fun apps that I like is too long for one post. What apps should I have? Which ones do you love?