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More Mountain Hijinks

While we were in Valle Crucis Papa took us to visit a friend of his who’d just built a palace house. cabins_4606 OMG it was amazing.  It’s available for rent. It has this amazing wrap around porch that I swear is bigger than my house. Joey enjoying a beverage on DCoy's porch We toured the house then sat out on the porch and watched the hummingbirds for a while. Hummingbird coming to feed at DCoy's porch It’s hard to get a good shot of the birds without it being blurry because of their million mile an hour wings!

After hanging out at DCoy’s for a while we went to see the horses at Papa’s cousin’s horse trail riding place.  No idea what you call that. Horses & rooster at Dutch Creek Trails in Valle Crucis After visiting the horses we had dinner then went to the go kart joint.  OMG the boys had SO much fun! The whole gang go karting in Boone, NC First they rode with a grown up in the big carts on the big track. Then they were able to drive their own karts. Jacob in his own little go kart.  Such concentration! When Jacob got in his car the worker dude asked him if he knew which pedal made it go and which made it stop. Jacob said “I only want the one that makes it go.” Joey in his own little go kart.  They see me rollin.

There was a gyroscope at the park. Gigi & I were dying to see someone ride it. One kid bought a ticket but was too scared so he turned it back in. One of the worker guys had a shirt on that said 100% Guapo. So Mom yelled “Hey, 100%! Come here!” He came over and we talked him into demonstrating the gyroscope! We talked a worker into showing us how the gyroscope worked While he was spinning and flipping one of the other worker guys said that 100% should show us some trick. 100% said no way, that it was awful. I yelled that I wanted to see it. 100% said “I’m already flipping around on this thing! What do I have to do to make you people happy??” It was sooo funny! We cheered for him and let him off the hook.

When we got home from the go kart place we got out the sparklers and glow sticks. I love sparkler pictures so I set my shutter speed to slooow and everyone made sparkler art! Making shapes with sparklers After the sparklers died out we cracked the glow sticks. Papa, Gigi, Sara & Momo lined up on the porch with their glow sticks. Jake & Joey provided sideline art with their glow sticks. I stood in the lawn & set my shutter speed to slooow. I timed it out and gave them a 3 count beat. I’d say “Ready, go. 1,2,3.” During the 3 count they would draw their letters. We had to practice a bit but then we all got really good at it. I’m very pleased with the results! We wrote out everyone’s names in glow light! Fun with glow sticks
The next morning we cleaned up, packed up, and hit the road for home. I can’t wait to get back! TONS more pics here!

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