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CSP plays patty cake with Zoe (sort of)

CSP has this thing he does with Zoe that just cracks me up. They both lay down on their bellies and he slaps the ground. Zoe copies him. Then a slapfest ensues. Love it!  ***Let the whole thing load before you watch.  It’s better this way.

7 thoughts on “CSP plays patty cake with Zoe (sort of)”

  1. lmao i just about peed my pants!! how freaking funny!!!!!!!

    we just got a pug at christmas!! bobbys dad rescued him and he lives with us now…he’s a little shit thats for sure! lol i’m not used to having a hyper dog that pees on EVERYTHING!!! hopefully getting him fixed will help that!


  2. OMG. That was so funny. I lay on the ground and do that with my dog too, but she doesn’t slap the ground like me. Usually she gets so hyped up/excited that she goes tearing around the room at top speed and then comes tearing back to me and we start all over again. I’ll have to try and get it on video. It’s funny too.

    I especially love when she starts snorting from excitement. So cute!


  3. Ro and Ree want to know if you can put this on YouTube so they can mark it in their favorites and watch it over and over. (Seriously. Can you?)


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