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IKEA madness

Sunday night on my way home from Papa & Gigi’s house I drove by the new IKEAIKEA BLVD I took a couple of pictures, Drove by our new IKEA the other night (before grand opening) but didn’t get too close. Our new IKEA (3 days before grand opening) It was cold and rainy and there were cones up everywhere.  Tonight CSP & I drove by again after running a bunch of errands. There was a lady standing by the stoplight, wrapped up in a scarf, hat and mittens against the cold. I rolled down my window and asked if we could drive in to get some pictures. She said her job was to stand out there and tell people that the store wasn’t open yet. She told me I could go on in and “get to snappin!” There were 3 other people in the parking lot directing us with orange flags. Then we came upon a man with a flag who stopped us.
“Y’all here to look?”
“Yes. Is it ok if I take some pictures?”
“Just follow that car there.”
As I pulled away from him we could hear him laughing at us. Crazy people taking pictures of a furniture store.
IKEA had set up porta johns for the campers. IKEA put out porta johns for the campers at the grand opening! And patio heaters! IKEA put out patio warmers for the campers at the grand opening! Here are the campers. 3 tents, 5 campers. Campers at our new IKEA 2 days before the grand opening IKEA (I’m assuming) had a table out for them with coffee and snacks! And there was music! Our new IKEA (2 days before grand opening) And lots of people milling about. It seemed like a pretty safe situation. But COLD. Like 40 degrees already and it was only 8pm. Too cold to camp out for a Poang chair!

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  1. i totally thought you’d be first in line, lol! i’m already planning a trip over there in the next month or so. i’m sure you will have been by then and given us a review.


  2. I have one poang chair, too! I got the one in white leather, looks sooo nice and its super comfy! When ikea opened here, there were huge lines (and campers) for the first 2 months or so. Imposible to go. Our car got towed away the first time we went because we parked in the shopping center across the street. We didn’t know they had rented a parking lot around the next block and they had trolleys to bring people parking there to the store. I brought 3 vases for $ 7 and then had to pay $ 250 to get the car : ( oh and the food in the store is great and super cheap!!


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