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October 2008

October is my favorite month.  I share my love of October with Shannon who is going to become Senora Mustachio this month!  Woo!

I love October because the weather is AWESOME here.  Blue skies, open windows at night, a bit of a nip in the air, and best of all, no more sweating.  Also, October means Halloween!  My favorite holiday.  Kids dressed up in fun costumes, fab decorations, candy, no stress about who eats dinner where.  It’s awesome.

This October is SUPER busy.  Two of my best friends are getting married within 2 weeks of each other!  Shannon is getting married in town, and Lisa is getting married on Castaway Cay island in the Caribbean while we’re on a Disney cruise.  I better stock up on waterproof mascara!

October 2008

Oh, little adoption update. Nothing to report. Just wanted to let y’all know. We get asked all the time. Right now we’re still in limbo. Guatemala is still closed. Kyrgyzstan is still closed. So we wait. Luckily we have a lot going on right now to keep our minds off things!

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  1. October rocks… November is still my fave month though- finally fall really starts in north Fl by then :O) Glad life is so full!


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