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Halloween Bunco

This month’s Bunco was at my house. Halloween Bunco Tonight I hosted 17 women throwing dice and drinking wine.  We had a big time.  I put out 2 extra tables I’d borrowed from the inlaws to accomodate all the players.  I was able to get most of my Halloween decorations up in time.  Christina came over early and helped me set up.  She’s a life saver.  And I made some Halloweenie food.  But I ran out of time before I could get all my little labels made describing the food.  And somehow I totally forgot to take a SINGLE picture before everyone left!  Ah well.  Some of the girls came in costume which was really fun.  I was a pirate.  SHOCKED aren’t you?

Oh, what food did I make?  Tombstone chicken salad sandwiches (hot dog bun cut in half so they looked like tombstones), a homemade version of Tastefully Simple’s Key Lime Cheese Ball, put out some hummus, lots of Halloween candy, my favorite peach wine from Aldi, and other snacky things.  I tried to make devilled eggs but they wouldn’t peel right for me.  We’ll have lots of egg salad tomorrow!

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