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Head start

Got the Halloween decorations out today.  I usually don’t start decorating until October 1, but I couldn’t help myself.  I so love the next 3 months.  Constant decorating.  And I love pulling out the bins of decorations.  Usually each year I hit the after holiday sales (note in this case the word holiday means any given holiday and not Christmas- my HUGE pet peeve.  I just wanna ask stores “Oh, so this HOLIDAY wreath, is it appropriate for Easter?  Flag Day?  Which holiday?”), anyway, I usually hit the after holiday sales and pick up a couple of marked down items then immediately pack them away and forget about them.  So today I was psyched to see that I had done that last year.

I’m hosting Bunco this month at my house on Thursday so I need to get everything put up and looking cute.  We’ll have 20 players so I’m bringing in a couple of extra tables.  My house might look like a church hall when I’m done, but it will be worth it.  I apparently bought some party supplies last year.  Woot!  No need to run out this week for plates and napkins now.

I’m looking for some easy to make, no need to keep hot Halloweeny foods for Thursday.  So any ideas are appreciated.

I’m bummed though, this year Halloween is gonna be cut short.  As soon as the trick or treaters are outta here I’m pulling down all the decorations and packing them away that night.  Cause at the crack o’ dawn the next morning we’re hitting the road for Florida and Lisa’s wedding cruise.  This means no after Halloween clearance shopping this year.  Oh, the sacrifices we make for our friends. 😉  I kid, I kid.

6 thoughts on “Head start”

  1. I love the next 3 months too, and I already have my decorations(inside) up since last week! Tomorrow the outside ones go up. I also buy at the after holiday sales and put the stuff away for next year. It makes so much fun to get the bins out every year. That cruise sounds like it is going to be an absolute blast!


  2. Ok, Girlie. Set out little bowls of FRESH candy corn with peanuts mixed in. They taste great together (like a PayDay candy bar)! Also, popcorn and M&Ms are yummy together. Apple wedges with carmel dipping sauce is like carmel apples. Just a few thoughts…


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