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Working man

Yesterday I had a Pampered Chef party.  2 parties down, 1 to go- then I’m done hosting until Christmas Eve.  Whew!  The PC party was fun, even though attendance wasn’t what I’d hoped (gas is still a HUGE issue here).  Mini vent: why don’t people understand what RSVP means anymore?  I’ve actually been told “Well I didn’t rsvp because I knew I couldn’t go.”  Ugh.  RSVP means Respond Please in French.  Not Respond if you Can come but don’t worry about it if you can’t.  On the flip side I have people who never RSVP but always show up.  Boggles the mind.

I digress.  After everyone left Sara and the boys stayed a couple hours and we played the Wii.  At first I was nervous letting a 3 & 5 year old play with the Wii.  But they amazed me!  They knew how to use the buttons, kept the wrist straps on, and were very careful.  Not to mention extremely excited.  I’ve never had someone so thrilled that I bowled a strike before!  When it was time for them to go Jacob (who’s in Kindergarten now), grabbed his stuff and came over to me.  “Aunt Shanny, we’ll just come back tomorrow to play some more.  I’m off tomorrow.”  He’s v. v. serious about school.  Weekends are his days “off”.  Love it!

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  1. My sister used to sell Pampered Chef. I own practically the entire catalog as a result. Sigh. (Not that it’s not great stuff… because it is… but do I really need all of these gadgets, especially since I just survive in the kitchen anyways?)

  2. I looooooove Pampered Chef! I used to go to parties all the time when I lived in San Diego (my mom knew a few hostesses). Great products…my fav were the Twixit Clips!

  3. I love pampered chef, I bought the hubby a really nice knife and he loves it. As good if not better then henkle and he LOVES henkle.
    I know what you mean about the rsvp, I have a girlfriend that rsvp’s immediately and then 3 days before hand cancels. sigh.. Glad your party was fun even if it was small.

  4. 😦 Now I feel really bad… I knew I should have RSVP’ed no, but I also knew you probably didnt really expect me to come and invited out of pity. lol. I promise, next time I will RSVP. But it will probably be a no cause of distance/kids/etc. But you never know! But I promise I will RSVP either way.

  5. I just hosted a bridal shower for my SIL, and asked everyone to RSVP by 4 days before the shower. 4 little days. Can you believe that over 1/2 of the attendees RSVP’d after that date? THREE people RSVP’d the DAY OF the shower! The DAY OF! To say they were coming! I was blown away.

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