Pomp & Circumstance

My little sister Morgan graduated from high school on Saturday. Morgan & Maddi I’m so proud of her. She received a diploma of distinction for her grades. At the graduation we noticed a ton of security. We thought it was weird but that maybe a special guest was speaking or something. Then a little bit into the diploma presentations there was a scuffle. We looked over and saw a couple of guys getting arrested! We had no idea why though.
Then a few minutes later we heard some guy yell and then he got arrested too! We thought surely they are just being escorted outside. Well then when Maddi (a friend of Morgan’s who’s living with my parents because her father died) walked across the stage my parents clapped and my dad called out “woohoo Maddi” or something like that. Next thing you know a cop was yelling at them that he was giving them a warning but that he could arrest them for clapping! I could NOT believe it!
After the ceremony we were walking back to our cars and saw the police escorting two “perps” to police cruisers! Perps being led away from graduation
(sorry for the blurry pic, I need a better zoom lens.  My birthday is approaching so y’all can start hinting to CSP about the lens now, thank you very much.)
There were no programs to be found and no announcement that said you couldn’t clap or cheer. I appreciate that they would want a quiet ceremony, but honestly the commotion caused by the arrests were more of a distraction than a few claps and hoots would have been!
After the ceremony we went back to my mom’s and had a fun pool party to celebrate. Morgan will be going to USC in the fall. So proud!
Oh, and my cakes. They were a big hit. I made graduation cakesBut I wasn’t 100% pleased with them. I wanted to do something fancy like on Ace of Cakes with fondant. But no matter how I tried I could NOT get the fondant to work. I was making my own and following directions but I ended up just burning myself with hot marshmallows and making a big, sticky mess of my kitchen! So I made some buttercream icing and used that instead. I made Morgan a cake I decorated the cakes with their school colors, blue & gold. I made Maddi a cake I was up til 5 am! Oh, and I only ended up taking 3 cakes to the party as one of them fell apart and now lives in a bowl at my house! See the rest of my pictures here.

7 thoughts on “Pomp & Circumstance

  1. Congrats to your sis! A very cool milestone. Weird about the security though!! They just try to take all then fun out of graduation, I swear. And the cakes look great too. I’ve never worked with fondant. I’d like to try sometime. But it isn’t my favorite taste wise so I’ve never bothered tooo much. Much more into frosting … hehe… and pudding and peanut butter and cream cheese. Hehe.

  2. COngrats to MoMo!! The police sound a bit overzealous to me. They told us if we pulled any stunts they wouldn’t give us our diploma for 3 months. That was how they got US to behave. (ya, like that mattered) But the whole police thing, that is insanity. What happened to just asking people to be decent and then, they were?! sheesh

  3. yay for MoMo! Seems like my graduation was a zillion years ago.. wait..it was! LOL That is so wierd. I never heard that it was a law that you couldnt CLAP at a graduation ceremony. weird!
    Your cakes looked yummy to me. I dont really like fondant to eat.. although it is pretty to look at. I used it once for a baby shower cake I made… but I wasnt brave enough to make it myself and bought a box of it. Its weird stuff, you have to cool it so it wont get gloppy, but you gotta warm it up to mold it. I think I’ll leave it to Duff 🙂

  4. Congrats to Morgan!

    USC like…as in the one in Los Angeles? I just lived the last 10 years of my life like…right by there. It’s a great school. Very expensive. I hope she got some scholarships!

    The cake looks UBER delicious and quite awesome, even if it didn’t have any chainsaw lolipops or anything Ace-of-Cakes-esque.

  5. Waaaaa??? People were arrested for clapping at their own families/friends graduation?? What the hell.

    Congrats to Morgan though. It must have made for an interesting graduation.

    Lady your spoon rest looks lovely.

    You must go into some crafty business! Your cakes look scrummy!

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