The Lawless South made national news

The stories about the people getting arrested at my sister’s graduation finally hit the web.

The local story.

Fox News picked it up too!

All the cases, except for one that includes a resisting arrest charge, will be handled in city court and are punishable by a maximum of 30 days in jail and a $1,000 fine!!! For clapping! And cheering! OMG Shocked can you imagine? Dude, what are you in for? Clapping.

They say in the article that all the attendees were warned but we were there early and they never said anything. They could have said “Please hold your applause until the last name has been called.” But they didn’t even say that! Insane.

11 thoughts on “The Lawless South made national news

  1. Wow… Power-hungry police maybe? That is brutal! When I graduated they just waited for the cheering to subside before calling the next name. Sure, the ceremony took forever but people expect it to. The whole point is that they are there to SUPPORT and CONGRATULATE the grads.

  2. hmm better to bein jail for clapp-ING than for having THE clap. lol. I dont know why I found that so amusing.

  3. I was listening to Rush Limbaugh today, please don’t judge me, and he was talking about it. People were very fired up over it and it stirred up lots of conversation. I was like, hey, that’s from Shannon’s blog! I saw first hand pictures! Made me feel like I was way ahead of the news. That is too funny and the whole thing is rather ridiculous IMHO.

  4. “Jury have you reached a verdict?”
    “Yes we have your Honor!”
    “How do you find?”
    “In the charge of clapping in the first degree, with the attempt
    inciting cheer…… we find the defendant GUILTY!!!!”

  5. maybe you should write fox news and tell them there was NO warning… but that is lame… just wait until they people are done cheering and move on… lol what happened to freedom of speech lol…

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