Ultimate Pug Fighting Championships

We have gone too long without pics of the pugs around here. So what’s new with our brood? Well Kiki has turned into a jealous pill. She will play with Zoe sometimes. But those times are few and far between. And if she catches us playing with Zoe, especially fetch, she throws a fit. Kiki will run and grab whatever toy we’re playing fetch with and start putting them in a pile. (click on all pics to enlarge) Kiki lording over her toys Zoe doesn’t understand why we all can’t just get along. Zoe's trademark head tilt Kiki’s also been perfecting her stink eye. Kiki giving me the stink eye Molly is still going bald. She’s just the best, most laid back, funniest pug. She’s super jealous of the other 2 and protective of her Daddy. He can’t give either of the other girls any attention without Molly getting in on the act.
Speaking of…CSP caught some Ultimate Pug Fighting Championship action the other day. I’m v. v. pleased with his photos!
Here is the action about to start (note Molly’s crazy eyes): Round 1 of Ultimate Pug Fighting Championships is about to start Molly takes Zoe down: Ultimate Pug Fighting Championships And then Zoe opens up a can of whoop ass: Ultimate Pug Fighting Championships
Lest you think it’s all Animal Planet all the time, I’ll leave you with this sweet pic CSP snapped of Zoe and I the other night: Zoe in her Mama pouch

5 thoughts on “Ultimate Pug Fighting Championships”

  1. Awww…Zoe is adorable!

    Yes, we definatly needed more puggie pictires! We rarely see them anymore.

    Are you exaggerating their jealousy and agreession towards each other or do they really not get a long?

  2. Nope, no exaggerations- that’s really how they are. Jon’s even calling Kiki “The Pill” cause she’s so annoyed all the time with Zoe! Molly & Zoe just love each other though- that’s all play fighting going on.

  3. I love your stories Shannon. You are so vibrant in your descriptions of life down there. Pen a book please!

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